Webinar Recap: Best Practices for Rolling Out Einstein


To help Admins jumpstart the AI journey for their organizations we hosted a Salesforce Admins webinar called Best Practices For Rolling Out Einstein.

First we introduced Salesforce Einstein and explained how it works at a high level. Basically, we are extending the Salesforce experience by making it smarter. Then, we drilled into why sales teams want to use Sales Cloud Einstein and how to determine org readiness for all features. I was joined by Jason Selvidge, Director of Engineering, who covered best practices for Admins to roll out Sales Cloud Einstein in their companies.

Take a look at the recording: Best Practices For Rolling Out Einstein

Webinar summary:

Sales Cloud Einstein Overview

We started with an overview of Salesforce Einstein. I shared how we are embedding AI capabilities across the platform to help Admins deliver a smarter experience to their users. Next, we showed how Einstein seamlessly and automatically works behind the scenes, compared with the classical approach to AI which requires significant cost, time, and resources.

We then dug down a level to Sales Cloud Einstein to highlight some of the key features and how they enhance the experience of your Sales users. The main takeaway? Sales Cloud Einstein delivers out-of-the-box features to address specific Sales use cases – like Lead and Opportunity Scoring to help busy Sales teams prioritize where to begin. Also, Account and Opportunity Insights to stay focused on what matters most without taking the time to dig into the details.

Determine Org Readiness for Sales Cloud Einstein

We showed how Admins can determine if their org is ready for Sales Cloud Einstein features using the Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Assessor. The Assessor analyzes key requirements for each feature such as: do you have enough historical data? And, do you meet other requirements to enable Einstein to create a model and deliver scores and insights? We built the Assessor for Admins to provide a simple way to analyze their orgs at any time and understand what steps to take if an org isn’t quite ready for a certain feature. We then did a live demo to run the Assessor in real time and reviewed the Readiness Report.

Roll Out Sales Cloud Einstein

To wrap up, Jason Selvidge showed Admins how to set up Sales Cloud Einstein and roll it out to users with a focus on Einstein Lead Scoring. He walked through the Setup Wizard, focusing on how to specify preferences. After the model creates Lead Scores, Jason demonstrated how to add the Score to your list views and page layouts (including how to add Lead Scoring in Salesforce Classic). He also emphasized the importance of working with your Sales and Marketing managers. This is important for reviewing Lead Scoring dashboards to understand the Scores, top predictive factors, and how to roll out Sales Cloud Einstein features like Lead Scoring to your users. Hint: start small to get everyone aligned before rolling out broadly.

Curious to see what’s new with Einstein Lead Scoring in Summer ’18? For starters, we’re giving Admins more control over Lead Scoring in Setup. Be sure to watch Jason’s demo to see what else is coming.

Are You Ready to Get Started with Sales Cloud Einstein?

Admins can leverage the power of Sales Cloud Einstein features today! Learn more on Trailhead by taking the Sales Cloud Einstein Trailhead Badge and running the Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Assessor on your org now!

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