Mary Scotton

Mary is an Evangelist for the Awesome Admin team and the Developer Relations team. She is a New Jersey native, transplanted to Oakland for a dozen formative years, and is now back in the middle of New Jersey. She loves chocolate, dancing, and people who are passionate about something ( especially about Salesforce). Her patronus is an otter.

Behind the Scenes: Dreamforce Women’s Leadership Summit

Dreamforce planning and prep is in full swing here at Salesforce, and I’m particularly excited about the work we’re doing to make sure this event represents one of our core values: Equality. At Dreamforce 2016, we’ll demonstrate Equality in many ways, including everyone having better access around campus regardless of mobility requirements, nursing mothers being […]


Announcing Salesforce’s Partnership with Girl Develop It

Are you (or a friend, family member, or coworker) considering a career change? Want to join the most energetic, excited, and supportive community in the world and get paid for it? Last year alone, 100,000+ jobs requiring Salesforce skills were created.* To learn more and get connected to the community, kickstart your Salesforce training with a 1-day […]


Why You Should Go to Coffee

The Salesforce community is awesome, and I want to make it even MOAR awesome. I need your help. I need you to go to coffee. Why? Going to coffee is a way to build authentic personal connections. Those connections are important for your career and good for the community. In fact, going to coffee can […]