Why You Should Go to Coffee


The Salesforce community is awesome, and I want to make it even MOAR awesome. I need your help. I need you to go to coffee.

Why? Going to coffee is a way to build authentic personal connections. Those connections are important for your career and good for the community. In fact, going to coffee can be a community superpower if you are intentional about diversifying your feed. Don’t just go to coffee with people already in your circle. Branch out, even if it’s uncomfortable, and meet someone new. Someone who you maybe initially thought you’d have nothing in common with, but it turns out you do. You might find you both share the same values, have similar families or interests, and love Salesforce.

Want to get started on the path to coffee and community, but not sure how? Watch the opening keynote from Southeast Dreamin’ (keynote starts at min 3:14).

I’m joined by two awesome Salesforce Admins: Toya Gatewood, sharing her story of how making authentic connections improved her career, and Shonnah Hughes, sharing how to be a “learned extrovert.”

Oh, and there was confetti…

I hope you internalize our message, put down your phone, step away from your desk, and go to coffee with someone who doesn’t look like you. That one small action will create a ripple effect in our community and make it even more inclusive and more awesome!

Wait, There’s More!

Watch all 11 of the awesome Southeast Dreamin’ sessions, including Admin Code Heroes: Intro to Triggers for Admins from Shannon Howe, a recent ButtonClick Admin podcast guest!

Also, feel free to borrow any of the slides to spread this message to your community user group or your company, and to follow the folks on my Change Makers Twitter list if you are looking to diversify your feed.

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