Simon Walsh

Simon Walsh is COO for New York Life’s annuity business, which J.D. Power ranked #1 for annuity customer satisfaction for 2 years running (2020 and 2021). Simon manages the group’s CRM platforms, leads customer service, oversees the group’s distribution network of 300 banks and broker-dealers, and loves promoting technology careers to underrepresented groups (PepUp Tech Board Member ~ Year Up, Insurance Advisory Board ~ YMCA of Greater New York, Development Board).

Jennifer Lee and Simon Walsh in a new episode of "How I Solved It."

How I Solved It: Digitize Paper Forms Using Flow

Welcome to another post in the “How I Solved It” series. In this series, we do a deep dive into a specific business problem and share how one #AwesomeAdmin chose to solve it. Once you learn how they solved their specific problem, you’ll be inspired to try their solution yourself! Watch how Simon Walsh uses […]