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Salesforce Admin World Tour Presentations and Resources

Deliver the Future of Business as a Salesforce Admin Breakout Session

View the presentation and dive into these resources to advance your skills for the future.

Build Your First Salesforce App Theater Session

View the presentation.

Read: How to Build Your First App on Salesforce

Watch: Introduction to App Builder: Build Custom Pages with No Code

Learn: Lightning App Builder Trailhead Module

Automate Business Processes with Flow Theater Session

View the presentation.

Read: Refine Your Process Automation Skills as a Salesforce Admin

Watch: Automate This! – How to Use Loops in Flow

Learn: Flow Basics Trailhead Module

Get Started with Einstein Theater Session

View the presentation.

Read: Understanding What Generative AI Means for Salesforce Admins

Listen: Sarah Flamion on Generative AI

Learn: Be an AI-Minded Admin Trailmix

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