How to be a Successful Admin at Dreamforce


With over 1800 session to choose from even the veteran Dreamforce Admin can feel overwhelmed. From parties to sessions to keynotes here is how you can a successful admin at Dreamforce!

Step 1: Watch the Road to Dreamforce

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Step 2: Connect with Salesforce Admins on Social

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Step 3: Bookmark your sessions now

Login to the salesforce success community at, click on the Dreamforce link and start finding great sessions. Click on the “Save to Favorites” to save the session so that you can add it to your agenda when the Dreamforce Agenda builder goes live.

And to help you find great sessions here are our Expert Pick sessions for Dreamforce 2015. We think these are the hidden gems and must-attend sessions.

  • 5 Key Steps to Documenting Process Like a Rock Star
  • Admin Comedy Club
  • Being a Salesforce Admin Means Being A Business Analyst
  • Dirty Data: The 21st Century Curse
  • From Awesome Admin to Champion Coder: How to Become an Apex Developer
  • Get Admin Superpowers with Process Builder and Flow
  • Non-Tech Skills Every Admin Hero Needs
  • Release Management: Managing Your Internal Releases
  • Salesforce Admin Keynote
  • Salesforce Users: The Strongest Link to a Secure Implementation
  • Strategies for Training End-Users
  • The Lightning Process Builder and the Growing Role of the Salesforce Admin
  • The Salesforce Admin Talking to Salesforce Admins
  • Triggers for Admins: A Five-step Framework for Creating Triggers
  • Writing Effective and Maintainable Validation Rules
  • You Gotta Know When to Flow’ Em: When to Use Flow, Workflow, and Apex

Starting in August we will have weekly tips to help you prepare for Dreamforce. If you have a suggestion to share with other attendees share it on the Admin Buzz using the button below.

Dreamforce 2015 is just around the corner! So we want to hear your best advice for Salesforce admins at Dreamforce- what should we wear, where should we eat, and where are the best places to grab a drink? Don’t be shy- if you are presenting at Dreamforce be sure to give your session a shoutout!

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A couple tips:
– Use headphones if you have them.
– Try to keep your recording to less than a minute.

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