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It’s been an amazing year! The #AwesomeAdmin team has heard from Salesforce Admins who are making a big impact in their company by increasing productivity, empowering departments to move faster, and creating super users. As Salesforce Admins, our journeys all have different start points, but our path is similar and paved with passion for success.

Right now we can affect change in our companies.  Right now we can create business applications without deploying code.  Right now our possibilities are endless!

5 Ways You Can #BeAnInnovator and Leader in AI

While it may seem that artificial intelligence is a future state, it’s here now. AI is deeply embedded in our personal lives, from the recommendations Amazon gives us when we’re shopping, to Gmail finishing sentences before we’re able to type them! Business is following rapidly, leveraging AI to improve efficiency and customer experience. Salesforce Einstein […]


Data Visibility Made Easy with Updated Video Series

Salesforce is proud to present the freshly updated and Lightning-ized Who Sees What – Lightning Experience video series. Fully re-filmed in Lightning Experience, you’ll have no problem getting up to speed and refining your org’s data security like the rock star admin you are. The popular Who Sees What video series addresses common questions that […]


Why You Should Go to Coffee

The Salesforce community is awesome, and I want to make it even MOAR awesome. I need your help. I need you to go to coffee. Why? Going to coffee is a way to build authentic personal connections. Those connections are important for your career and good for the community. In fact, going to coffee can […]


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