3 Resources to Get You Ready to Drive Salesforce Adoption in 2018


I really enjoy this time of year as a Salesforce Admin. We are coming off of Dreamforce and for the most part, it’s kind of quiet on the user side. With departments busy trying to end the year successfully and many people taking time off it’s usually not the best time to roll out new features. So I like to take this time to get myself ready for a successful new year. And for me, every new year starts with a refocus on Salesforce adoption!

To help you get started on a successful new year I wanted to put together three resources to help you drive massive adoption in your Salesforce orgs.

1. Blog post: 4 Ways to Increase Salesforce Adoption by Giving Reps a Helping Hand

A tactic many companies use is implementing a top-down policy. If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist. This can be very effective, especially with executive support, but can be time-consuming for the admin to police and stay on top of new feature requests. What if there was a way to increase adoption that didn’t involve policies forced upon the sales team? What if you could increase Salesforce adoption by simply making it easier for reps to use Salesforce and sell?

In this post, we cover how to help reps log activities automatically, schedule customer meetings with just one email, and create records from your inbox! Read the 4 Ways to Increase Salesforce Adoption by Giving Reps a Helping Hand.

2. Podcast: Achieving Awesome Adoption Through Training & Support with Louise Lockie

In this episode we chat with Salesforce Admin presenter Louise Lockie. Louise is super passionate about adoption and has really great tips for Admins who want to have highly engaged users.

3. Webinar: Take Control of your Org with Salesforce Optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer is THE maintenance, productivity, and adoption app for Salesforce Admins! For Admins who are nearing the limits of their edition, or have no idea if they are, or have users complaining about there being too many fields… or just don’t know where to start when it comes to cleanup, maintenance, and optimization, Salesforce Optimizer can help. An optimized org will not only make your life as an Admin easier, but it will also drive end user adoption. Fewer fields, cleaner page layouts, and insight into org usage will enable you to increase adoption.

Optimizer evaluates your implementation to determine how your company uses certain Salesforce features, then identifies ways that you can improve your implementation for your company. It is the fastest and most effective way to get insights into your org coupled with actionable recommendations and best practices so Admins can:

  • Efficiently maintain customizations
  • Decrease business and technical debt
  • Increase productivity of admins and end users
  • Drive Salesforce usage

BONUS Dreamforce session: Adopting Files And Enhanced Notes In Lightning Experience

In Winter ‘18, Salesforce began to phase out the Classic Notes & Attachments related lists in favor of feature-rich Lightning Files and Enhanced Notes. Lightning Files and Enhanced Notes support previews, versioning, external sharing, and are the standard for Lightning Experience. In this session, you will learn to enable these features for your users, understand migration options for Classic Notes & Attachments, and explore workarounds to preserve shared files when Accounts, Contacts, and Leads get merged.

Watch the video here.

Get ready for the Month of Adoption – January 2018!

This January on admin.salesforce.com we will be publishing even more resources, articles, webinars, podcasts, to help you drive adoption in your org. It’s going to be an exciting month filled with incredible insights from Admins who are sharing their stories and expeirences to help you be successful!

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