Salesforce Winter ’18 Release Demo for your End Users


During the Winter ’18 Admin Preview during Release Readiness Live on Friday, September 22, I shared a demo of my top end-user features for this release. Now, I’m sharing that demo with you so you can get your end users excited about Winter ’18!

To set up this demo, sign up for a pre-release org. Then:

  1. Right Click comes to Favorites
    • Save a few Favorites in your demo org. Then use right click to open a Favorite item in a new browser tab.
  2. List Views have mass in-line edit
    • Open a List View (try All Opportunities). Select a few records by checking the box next to their name. Click on a field to update, and check the box to “Update X selected items,” then click save.
  3. Clone & Save a List View
    • Open the gear icon and select Clone. Rename the List View and add a filter and save it.
  4. List Views have adjustable columns, wrap text, and automatically sized widths
    • Resize some columns. Then open the drop-down menu atop a column with a large field and select wrap text. Undo your resizing by opening the gear icon and select Reset Column Widths.
  5. Calendar sharing for My Events
    • Open your Calendar. Open the My Events drop-down and select Share Calendar, pick a user to share it with (may have to create one in your demo org).
  6. Activity Timeline is filter-able
    • Open an Account, and add a few different Activities (log a call, add a task, add an event). Then select the filter icon and show that you can filter Activities by type and date.
  7. Chatter has more features
    • Open the Chatter tab, and write a post that requires emoji!
    • Click into your profile and select “Out of Office” and input dates. Then look at your previous chatter posts and see the OOO notice next to your name.
    • Create a Group, and add a post. Select the drop-down of that post to pin it to the top of the Group feed.

Take a few minutes to share this demo with your users, and sprinkle in some amazing Lightning Report Builder fun to get everyone excited about Winter ’18!


Winter ’18 Release Readiness

Lightning Report Builder


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