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One of our top goals as an Admin is to make it easier for our users to get their work done. That means finding ways to reduce clicks and get them all the information they need as fast and easy to access as possible.

Imagine you are a salesperson working on several opportunities on one account. Currently, that means that you have to click multiple times to get all the details of the account’s opportunities from the account’s page. This is clunky and doesn’t make it easy to get what you need done quickly.

Here come Enhanced Related Lists in Summer ’19 to save the day! Related lists have gotten much more powerful in Summer ’19, allowing you to display more data and prevent your users from having tired fingers from unnecessary clicks. Using the Lightning App Builder, you can add the new Enhanced Lists standard component to any record page and set how many records are displayed, enables wrap text and resizable columns so you can see all the data in each row, and filter the list data.

Check out this great video to see Enhanced Related Lists in action.

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