Introducing Salesforce Celebration ?


Salesforce releases are an exciting time for Salesforce Admins to explore new ways to connect with users, champion productivity, and drive innovation at your company. In the Summer ’19 release we are excited to announce a brand new way to engage and delight your users: Salesforce Celebration!

What is Salesforce Celebration?

Salesforce Celebration is a brand new way for Admins to drive user adoption and engagement in Lightning! When a user updates a record using Path, they experience in-app confetti! Celebration is a fun, visual way to engage your users and celebrate wins with them right on their Salesforce screen. Admins can enable Celebration and customize when users will experience the on-screen confetti for updating a record with Path. After all, maintaining your Salesforce org is hard work and a lot of times complex changes go unnoticed by end users! However, a visual indicator like this is a great way to let users know that the application is evolving and improving to meet their business needs.

So how did Celebration come to be? We built it because the community asked for it! A while back we published a blog post on building with the Path base component, and included an example that had Einstein and Cody fly across the page when Path was updated. This example was meant to be a fun way to show the possibilities of the Path base component, but then we started to hear your feedback ?. We had customers and Salesforce employees at Dreamforce and in meetings mention that they would use a feature like this to add some fun into their business process. So our team decided to bring the feature to life for one of our hack day projects! ?

Path & Celebration Setup

Celebrations are part of Path, which is only available in Lightning. For more information on migrating to Lightning, check out the Migrate to Lightning trail.

In Setup type in “Path” in the search bar to find Path Setting. If it’s your first time here you need to “Enable” path, after that you can select the “New” or “Edit” button to configure a Path. Starting in Summer ’19 you’ll see a new option on step three of your Path configuration wizard. This is where you can enable and setup Celebrations ?.


Once you’ve enabled Celebrations you’ll need to select the Picklist options that will trigger your confetti and set your Celebration Frequency. We provided the Frequency options for the customers who want to celebrate a business process that happens many times per day. For example in the image above we’ve configured Celebration on “Closed Won” opportunities, but what if you’re a renewals rep and close dozens of opportunities per day? The good news is that Path is Record Type specific so you can set your frequency to “Sometimes” for a Renewal Record type Path while setting it for “Always” on a New Business Record Type Path. The frequency option adds an element of spontaneity to make sure the Celebration animation keeps its magic. Here is a rough break down of the Frequency options:

  • Rarely (~5%): Recommended when a typical user reaches a celebration value more than once a day
  • Sometimes (~20%): Recommended when a typical user reaches a celebration value several times a week
  • Often (~50%): Recommended when a typical user reaches a celebration value once or twice a week
  • Always (100%): Recommended when a typical user reaches a celebration value less than once a week

As always, you know your organization best. Maybe some reps would appreciate confetti multiple times a day. I know I would, but I’m a Millennial??.

Now the fun part, once Path Celebration is configured your users will see confetti when they use Path to update their records.

Celebration on desktop:


Celebration on mobile

‘Fun’ Belongs In Functional!

A few words on the user experience from Shahrzad Samadzadeh, Director of Design overseeing the experience teams for Core SFA, CPQ, and Billing:
Enterprise software isn’t typically known for being fun – at least not yet! The User Experience team at Salesforce is always on the lookout for value-adding ways to put the ‘fun’ in functional. For example, with the confetti, we considered every aspect when building Celebration. From the shapes to how long it lasts on screen, we wanted to create something unique and beautiful that you could feel proud to roll out to your users, knowing it would help them do their jobs.

The Path component was already an incredible way to create clarity for your users. With the addition of Celebrations, you’re just a few clicks away from driving adoption and usage to the next level. That little moment of confetti can incentivize your users to get the right data into Salesforce and show them that their achievements are celebrated and valued. Helping your users while helping the business: that’s the dream, right!? It’s our dream in User Experience, too ?.

Share your #SalesforceCelebration Moment

This is just the beginning for us! Do you have ideas for other moments where fun would add to functional? Are you planning to use Path Celebration in your orgs? Use #SalesforceCelebration to let us know!


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