Learn AI with Salesforce: Skill Up to Build a Smarter Business


In times of crisis, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more important than ever. As admins, we want to continue to drive productivity, focus on the right tasks, and enhance business processes. This may look like:

  • Prioritizing customer questions and cases to the right teams
  • Quickly resolving common customer service questions with bots
  • Predicting cash flow and which customers may be late on payment

That’s where AI and Salesforce Einstein can help!

To assist you in addressing these focus areas and skilling up on the latest AI technology for Salesforce, we’re bringing a one-of-a-kind education series to you: Learn AI with Salesforce. Join us to skill up on key AI concepts, use cases, and hands-on demos. Walk away knowing how to use the Salesforce Platform to create intelligent experiences that empower every user.

Learn AI with Salesforce: the details

Hosted by Marco Casalaina, SVP, Einstein Products and Sanjna Parulekar, Sr. PMM, Salesforce Einstein, in this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to use AI to scale customer support and increase remote worker productivity
  • How to engage customers with empathy by predicting their needs
  • How to enhance your existing workflows with AI to act on new patterns in a changing world


Hear from Salesforce experts:
Richard Socher, Chief AI Scientist
Patrick Stokes, EVP, Platform Shared Services
Aygun Suleymanova, Head of AI Product Marketing
Peter Schwartz, Chief Future Officer
Ayori Selassie, Product Marketing Manager, Einstein
Sarah Aerni, Senior Director, Data Science
Sara Asher, Senior Director, Einstein Product Management
Ceverly Strand, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Einstein
& more!

Hear from the Trailblazer Community:
Sean Cade, Selina Suarez Consulting and PepUp Tech Alumni
Lizet Avila, CleanSlate and PepUp Tech Alumni
Kaleem Mcgill, Offprem Technology and PepUp Tech Alumni
Alex Westcott, Haventree Bank
Samantha Blatt, Wheels Up
Arto Altincatal, Hornblower Cruises & Events

Get ready now

To help you prepare, we’ve put together some pre-work:

1. Learn more about what it takes to get your business started with AI in the Ask Salesforce: AI video series.

2. Understand what types of predictions you can build with Einstein in Einstein’s Guide to AI Use Cases.

3. Deepen your learning and get some hands-on practice with the Get Smart with Salesforce Einstein trailmix on Trailhead.

Are you ready to learn from the masters of AI? We’re pumped and can’t wait to show you what we have in store.

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