Learn How to Build Beginner to Advanced Flows in 3 Weeks


We’re excited to introduce #AwesomeAdmins Automate with Salesforce Flow, a brand new, three-part Trailhead LIVE series premiering this month that is all about how YOU can start automating business processes today. Over 3 weeks, we’ll focus on building beginner to advanced flows. Whether you’re just getting started with automation or you’re a #Flownatic and automation pro, there will be an episode for you. Plus, each episode will feature special guests, such as product experts and MVPs who will show you how to build awesome automation and identify opportunities to automate business processes at your company.

  • In episode 1, we’ll start by creating automation using record-triggered flows, schedule-triggered flows, and batch jobs in Flow Builder.
  • Episode 2 is all about building flows to guide users throughout a process and collect inputs. We’ll show you how to build flows by adding decision logic and screen flows.
  • Finally, in episode 3, we’ll show you how to build advanced end-to-end workflows by incorporating other Einstein Automate features like AI and chatbots.

Dive into all three episodes

What will be covered in each episode? We’re so glad you asked! Read more about each episode below.

Episode 1: Create Triggered Flows and Batch Jobs

Aired April 14, 2021 – Watch on-demand.
LeeAnne Rimel, Architect, Admin Evangelism
Claudia Robinson, Product Marketing Manager
Nadina Lisbon, Salesforce MVP

What are some manual tasks that are recurring for your team that take a lot of time? Salesforce Flow can reduce the time spent on these tasks and remove the potential for error by automatically performing any follow-up actions for you. Come learn how simple it is to create record-triggered flows, schedule-triggered flows, and batch jobs using Flow Builder, and get started on your automation journey today.

Episode 2: Build Decision Logic and Screen Flows

Aired April 21, 2021 – Watch on-demand.
LeeAnne Rimel, Architect, Admin Evangelism
Claudia Robinson, Product Marketing Manager
Michelle Hansen, Salesforce MVP

We understand that not all business processes are simple. Whether you need support in determining the correct action to take or guiding users throughout a process, Salesforce Flow can help you standardize it all. Come learn how to use Flow Builder to build decision logic that enhances the user experience as well as screen flows that seamlessly collect user inputs along the way.

Episode 3: Integrate Flow with AI, Chatbots, and More

Aired April 28, 2021 – Watch on-demand.
LeeAnne Rimel, Architect, Admin Evangelism
Dary Hsu, Product Marketing Manager
Alex Edelstein, VP, Product Manager

Think of a business process today that could be optimized. With Einstein Automate, you can reimagine this process and completely shift the way your employees and customers engage with your business. Come learn how to build end-to-end workflows by combining Salesforce Flow with AI, chatbots, and low-code integration tools.

More automation resources

Can’t wait until April 14 to get started? For all of you #Flownatics out there who want to get ready for these episodes today, there are a few things you can do to prepare.

  • First, add all the episodes to your calendar so that you can tune in live. You can find all the links above or on the Admin Events page.  All episodes will also be available on-demand 24 hours after the live date.
  • Second, download the Salesforce Flow Playbook. This playbook features more Trailblazer use cases, including examples like the ones shared on Trailhead LIVE. In fact, this playbook inspired the #AwesomeAdmins Automate series!
  • Third, follow along on Twitter using #AwesomeAdmin and tell us how you’re automating business processes at your company today.
  • Lastly, find the latest automation resources here: admin.salesforce.com/automation

We hope to see you on Trailhead LIVE for #AwesomeAdmins Automate!

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