"No Silly Questions" featuring Sarah Coulter and James Ferguson.

No Silly Questions: How and When Do Field Types Get Deprecated in Salesforce?


We’ve got a new episode of “No Silly Questions,” where we get expert answers to any questions you may have about Salesforce. No matter how silly you think your question is, we’ve got an answer! One thing we know is that there’s no such thing as a silly question — especially in the Trailblazer Community, which is all about helping each other learn.

Today, we’re featuring a video question submitted by Trailblazer Sarah Coulter, with an expert answer from James Ferguson, Senior Director, Product Management, whose team manages field types at Salesforce. Watch to find out how and when Salesforce decides to deprecate field types.

Do you have a “silly” question about Salesforce? We want to know what you want to know about Salesforce! Send your questions to us via Twitter or the Trailblazer Community and we’ll get you an expert answer.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How and when Salesforce decides to deprecate field types

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