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Introducing the New Salesforce Admin Skills Kit


Are you looking for your first Salesforce Admin job?
Are you looking to hire a Salesforce Admin?
Are you an experienced admin looking to grow your career?

The Salesforce Admin Skills Kit is your guide to understanding the core skills that make a Salesforce Admin an #AwesomeAdmin.

We’ve spent over a year surveying, conducting focus groups, and getting feedback from stakeholders across the Salesforce ecosystem to help us understand what skills Salesforce Admins need to be successful in today’s job market. Why did we do this? We kept hearing from you that job postings weren’t matching the duties of the roles employers were looking for and that first-time jobseekers were having a tough time getting interviews for Salesforce Admin jobs. Our Salesforce Admin Skills Kit will help you bridge those gaps and make sure you’re also able to identify the non-technical skills needed to get that job—or hire the right person. The Salesforce Admin Skills Kit contains 14 core skills that make a Salesforce Admin successful.

Slide showing all 14 Salesforce Admin skills in the Skills Kit: Product Management, User Management, Data Management, Change Management, Project Management, Security Management, Business Analysis, Process Automation, Designer’s Mindset, Data Analysis, Problem Solving, Communication, Learner’s Mindset, and Attention to Detail.

Jobseekers, use this as a resume resource

Whether you’re seeking your first Salesforce Admin job or you’re currently a Salesforce Admin looking to make a career move, this Skills Kit will help you take the next step. If you’re a jobseeker, use it as a guide to help you translate the skills you gained from previous roles and identify which skills you want to develop. We know it’s difficult to see how your non-Salesforce work history is valuable in the Salesforce ecosystem, so this resource is meant to help you recognize how the skills you already have can apply to your role as an admin.

For example, let’s say you had a previous role running a storefront. That means you’ve got a lot of great core admin skills to start with, such as:

  • Communication: You built relationships with customers and trained new team members.
  • Problem Solving: You resolved customer issues quickly and planned ahead to avoid problems.
  • Attention to Detail: You ensured your store looked its best and accurately managed inventory.

If you’re already a Salesforce Admin looking to move into a more senior admin role, this Skills Kit will help you capture what you’ve done in your current role and give you ideas of how to level up those skills in a more senior position. Let’s say you’ve been a Salesforce Admin for 2 years and are ready to take on a new position where you get to roll out multiple clouds or products. Using an example from this Skills Kit, you could describe your product management experience in your current role where you manage multiple products across the Salesforce Platform, and look for a role that provides the opportunity to implement new products and features within an organization.

The Skills Kit will also help you identify areas you want to develop and provide resources to help you get started. Let’s say you want to beef up your project management skills. The kit will help you understand what project management looks like as a Salesforce Admin—giving you an idea of how to practice that skill in your current role or demonstrate it with a project you create—and then share relevant resources to start learning that skill.

Pro Tip: Building an app is a great way to practice and demonstrate your technical and business skills. As you build your app, employ skills like project management, designer’s mindset, and others in the process. Document how you used these skills, and use them as a framework for sharing your app with potential employers.

Experienced admins, use this as a career-building resource

If you’re an experienced Salesforce Admin looking to grow your career, use this Skills Kit as a guide to identify which skills you want to develop and how to develop them. It’s also a great framework to use when you’re preparing for performance reviews or promotions because it can help you showcase all the work you do.

For example, let’s say you’ve built some really impressive flows in Salesforce but you’re having a hard time explaining the value of them to your boss. The Skills Kit provides some scenarios of how to demonstrate the business value of that work; for example, “I identified three manual processes that were slowing the business down, so I built automation that streamlined those processes and saved sales reps 10 hours per week.”

Employers, use this as a hiring resource

Looking to hire a Salesforce Admin? Let this Skills Kit be your guide to finding your next #AwesomeAdmin. Whether you’re a new Salesforce customer with little-to-no Salesforce experience or already have a team of dedicated Salesforce professionals working at your organization, this kit will help you find the best candidates for your needs. Each skill listed has examples of how you can represent the skill in a job posting, as well as how candidates might represent these skills in resumes and interviews.

Tips for getting the most out of the Skills Kit

Check out our overview video on how to get the most out of the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit, which includes these tips:

  1. Familiarize yourself with all 14 skills before adding them to your resume or job description.
  2. Keep in mind that this kit is not intended to be a one-size-fits-all tool; rather, it’s meant to be a guide that helps you select the skills most relevant to your situation.
  3. You do not need all 14 skills to be a great Salesforce Admin, nor do you need to include all 14 on your resume or job description.
  4. Use the examples provided as a starting point—don't cut and paste these verbatim.
  5. Don't forget about transferable skills from previous roles that can help an admin succeed!

The Skills Kit will adapt with the market

We’ve created this Skills Kit as a resource that will continue to evolve as the role of the Salesforce Admin evolves. We’ll continue to update it so that it accurately represents what’s happening with technology and the Salesforce ecosystem, which we can only do with your help. After you review the kit, please let us know what you thought by filling out this short feedback survey.

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