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Build Your Admin Skills: Security Management, Data Analysis, and Attention to Detail


Which skills do admins need to succeed in today’s world? Watch this episode of “Skills for Success” to learn about Security Management, Data Analysis, and Attention to Detail.

In this episode, Mia Pacey, David Carnes, and Rebecca Saar share their thoughts on how you can develop and demonstrate these skills from the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit that will help you have a successful career as a Salesforce Admin.

Prefer to read instead of watch? Here’s a breakdown of the episode.

Security Management

Security Management is a very important admin skill that's all about proactively setting up processes to manage and protect customer and business data. This involves doing regular security reviews of profiles and permission sets to ensure they adhere to the principle of least privilege. It's also about utilizing security tools, like Salesforce Health Check and Optimizer, and really just being on top of any security-related issues that arise so that you can quickly remediate them.

Mia Pacey, a real-life #AwesomeAdmin, shares her top three security management tips.

  1. Proactively use the Health Check and Optimizer tools to help manage security.
  2. Communicate clearly and often with your IT team and users regarding issues pertaining to security.
  3. Keep learning and stay up to date with the latest security tools.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis is about providing reporting on a regular basis to help users and executives gain insights and make decisions from Salesforce data. For admins, this means collaborating with stakeholders to build meaningful reports and dashboards to provide increased transparency. For example, maybe you build a dashboard for users and execs to see which products are top sellers, who the highest value prospects are, and which marketing campaigns are the most successful, allowing the business to make decisions regarding future activities. Data analysis is such a sought-after admin skill, so having examples of this on your resume will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

David Carnes knows what employers look for when seeking admins with data analysis skills. His tips for admins:

  1. Establish a glossary of terms.
  2. Learn all you can about the data sources and structure.
  3. Learn the key performance indicators (KPIs) in your business and industry.

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail is about completing your work accurately and thoroughly. Trust me when I say that this skill will have a direct impact on not only your success as an admin but also the success of your team members and the company. Ask yourself, “Do I want my work to be good or do I want my work to be great?” Well, #AwesomeAdmins, the difference between good and great all comes down to attention to detail.

Rebecca Saar is an expert when it comes to attention to detail, and she shares her advice on how you can level-up your attention to detail skills.

  1. Take time to review your work! I promise you that the extra 30 seconds it takes to double-check a report before you send it out will ensure it’s accurate and free of errors.
  2. Plan and manage your time! Paying attention to detail can be a lengthy process if you don’t organize your time efficiently. Learn how to manage your time well enough to allow for editing but not take so much time that you miss deadlines or hold up projects.
  3. Be an active listener! Whether you're in a meeting with your CEO or an interview for a new admin job you really want, you want to prove you’re paying attention to every detail they mention. Never be afraid to ask clarifying questions about what's being said.

To learn more about these skills, check out the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit.

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