Jacinta Burke

Jacinta Burke is a director of Product Readiness at Salesforce. She started out as an accidental admin in 2003, and many adventures later, it's her job to help you learn about and make the most of the new features coming your way every release.

Image of Cloudy with a heart and the Summer '21 logo next to text that says "Summer '21 Top Treasured Features for Admins."

Summer ’21 Top Treasured Features for Admins

The Salesforce Summer ’21 Release is now live for all orgs, and we’ve loved hearing how you plan to use many of the features. Each release, we have a fun Treasure Hunt in the Release Readiness Trailblazer Community and our community members tell us what nuggets they’ve found. For this blog, we thought we’d look […]


Admin Release Countdown: Get Ready for Summer ’20

How are you? No, really, how are you? I’m doing okay, getting to grips with homeschooling and doing some learning of my own on Trailhead. We’re all settling into this “new normal” and it’s hard to stay focused, let alone keep on top of any key release dates coming up. We sent an email to […]