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Summer ’21 Top Treasured Features for Admins


The Salesforce Summer ’21 Release is now live for all orgs, and we’ve loved hearing how you plan to use many of the features. Each release, we have a fun Treasure Hunt in the Release Readiness Trailblazer Community and our community members tell us what nuggets they’ve found. For this blog, we thought we’d look at some of the “nuggets” you might have missed — we’ve picked five that we think all Salesforce Admins should take the time to investigate.

1. Increase employee productivity with free walkthroughs

Why #AwesomeAdmins love it:
You can now create as many custom walkthroughs as you want per org, and your users can see up to three at a time with the free version. If you want to show them more, subscribe to myTrailhead. Use walkthroughs to onboard and train your employees, share important announcements, and more. Watch an overview of walkthroughs here.

Screenshot from Stijn Zeebroek on the Trailblazer Community giving praise to the new free walkthroughs.

2. Set expirations for assignments on permissions (beta)

Why #AwesomeAdmins love it:
Have you ever given a consultant access to a permission set or permission set group and then forgot to turn it off? Now, you can control when a user’s permissions expire based on your business requirements.

Screenshot from Lynette von Allmen on the Trailblazer Community giving praise to permission set expiration dates.

3. Send surveys to an individual or a list

Why #AwesomeAdmins love it:
You can now use list views in Survey Builder to send survey invitations in bulk rather than to individuals one at a time. Sending surveys to a list helps you collect feedback more efficiently and boost response rates.

Screenshot from Katie Kinde on the Trailblazer Community giving praise to the improvements in Survey Builder.

4. Save time with mass actions in a split view

Why #AwesomeAdmins love it:
Another time-saver for your users! No more switching back to list views for mass actions — you can now act on multiple records at once and apply an action to all of them in either standard or console view.

Screenshot from Norman Moore on the Trailblazer Community giving praise to the mass actions update.

5. Get ready for more Flow-tastic features

Why #AwesomeAdmins love it:
We couldn’t talk about Summer ’21 without mentioning all the posts we have about Flow. We did a whole blog post just for the Flow features in this release. But if you’re still using Workflow Rules or Process Builder, we want to make sure you know that there’s never been a better time to start using Flow as your preferred tool for Automation. With Summer ’21, we’re closing even more gaps with ISCHANGED and the ability to debug record-triggered flows, not to mention all the other great features like Multicolumn Flow Screens and the new Collection Sort element. Flow is the Future!

Screenshot from Daryl Moon on the Trailblazer Community giving praise to all of the great Flow enhancements.




Now, tell us — what are your top treasured features in Summer ’21? Keep the conversation going and stay up to date on all the latest resources for Summer ’21 and beyond in the Release Readiness Trailblazer Community.

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