Leah Scampoli

Leah is a staff technical writer at Salesforce. When Leah’s not writing about Lightning Experience, she’s probably going to a yoga class or hugging a pug named Carl.

Screenshot of lightning setup page

Take a Tour of Setup Home in Lightning Experience

Editor’s Note: This is one of our most popular posts, so we’ve updated it with the latest information and resources. You’ve probably been on a tour before at a museum, historical site, or even your best friend’s new home. Didn’t you learn a lot more than by stumbling through on your own? Well, consider this […]


Transition to Lightning Experience at Your Own Pace

It’s the “Did You Know?” Lightning Experience edition! Use these tips to enhance  your Lightning Experience transition to increase adoption. Did you know you can start rolling out Lightning Experience to a subset of your users? If you’ve never run before, you may not want to sign up for a race right away. Instead, you […]


Pro Tip: Master Lookup Search in Lightning Experience

Tune into the Lightning Experience Pro Tips blog series to learn about setting up Lightning Experience and how to avoid common gotchas along the way. If your org uses lookup search in Salesforce Classic, you know that learning all the different lookup terms, and getting everything set up, can be complicated. Happily, for you and […]


Simplify Your Searching with Federated Search

Salesforce strives to offer great features and advanced capabilities of search in Salesforce, such as instant auto-suggestions as they type, machine-learnt relevance ranking and an awesome new search results interface in Lightning Experience. But, what if the results your users are looking for aren’t Salesforce records? Well, we’ve got a solution for that, too. As […]