Transition to Lightning Experience at Your Own Pace


It’s the “Did You Know?” Lightning Experience edition! Use these tips to enhance  your Lightning Experience transition to increase adoption.

Did you know you can start rolling out Lightning Experience to a subset of your users?

If you’ve never run before, you may not want to sign up for a race right away. Instead, you may want to download a couch-to-5k app, and train at your own pace. Similarly, you can make huge strides towards Lightning Experience adoption in your org by starting small, and build on your progress.

Start by identifying a small group of pilot users, like a few of your top Salesforce champions or a specific team that will benefit from Lightning Experience. Use permission sets and the Switcher to control which interface these users start in and whether or not they can switch back and forth to Salesforce Classic. The Switcher lets users move back and forth between the Lightning and Classic Salesforce interfaces.

After launching this pilot group, it’s time to collect feedback. This will allow you to fine-tune things before kicking off the next group of users.

Learn more by watching the video Lightning Experience At Your Pace and reading Making a Successful Transition to Lightning Experience.

Did you know that you have onboarding resources at your fingertips?

Salesforce is your partner on the Lightning Experience transition journey. And, we have many onboarding features ready to pass along to you, no additional setup required. (We also have some trail mix in our bag in case you’re hungry!)

For starters, “It’s Better in Lightning” learning prompts show users how Lightning Experience helps them work faster and smarter right in the platform. Users in Salesforce Classic see these prompts when accessing specific features, such as tasks, calendar, reports, or dashboards. And because learning works best when it’s done in context, the prompts can switch users to the same feature in Lightning Experience, where they see the benefits that are waiting for them.

If you have Lightning Experience-enabled users still working in Salesforce Classic, give them a little nudge by automatically switching them to Lightning Experience on a weekly or daily basis. To help keep these users in Lightning Experience, they’re greeted by onboarding resources to make sure they never feel alone when they have questions.

Want to see how your rollout is succeeding? The Lightning Usage App includes charts for daily and monthly active users, number of users switching to Salesforce Classic, and more. These quantifiable measures help you understand your users’ experience and optimize your resources for training and other support measures.

Learn more by reading through Lightning Experience Adoption: More Ways to Discover and Adopt the New Salesforce.

Did you know that you can make Lightning Experience the only experience?

Ready for your users to go all-in on Lightning Experience? We have just the setting for you!

Keep users in Lightning Experience by hiding the option to switch back to Salesforce Classic. Remember that you, the Admin, enable Lightning Experience and users with the Lightning Experience User permission automatically get the Switcher. However, there’s a way to remove the Switcher, if instant immersion is the strategy you wish to employ.

When you enable the Hide Option to Switch to Salesforce Classic permission, users with the affected profiles or permission sets see Lightning Experience the next time they log in to Salesforce. Even though it still exists, they will no longer see the Switcher in their profile menus. If you’re ready to learn more about the Switcher, read Make Lightning Experience the Only Experience in Salesforce Help.

These are just a few tips to help get your users transitioned to Lightning and increase their adoption. To learn more rollout best practices, check out the Lightning Experience Rollout Trailhead Module below ??:

Trailhead Module
Develop a rollout strategy to help your users get started with our new user interface.

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