Sarah Pilzer

Sarah is a scientist turned nonprofit data geek who discovered the amazing world of Salesforce via her job at the Country Dance & Song Society, where she works to build community through participatory dance, music, and song. She’s passionate about using data to guide program and management decisions within the nonprofit industry and building efficient processes in Salesforce. Sarah is a Platform Champion, Trailhead Ranger, Trailblazer Community Group Leader, and Golden Hoodie recipient. She loves to connect with other Trailblazers via Twitter, the Power of Us Hub, and community forums. Sarah feels a kinship with Cloudy who is always showing off her innovation superpowers and rocks the #AwesomeAdmin cape outfit.

6 Transferable Skills for Salesforce Administrators

In my previous career, I studied fish sounds as a marine biologist. And you know what I found? Fish have a lot to say about what it takes to be a Salesforce Administrator. Wait, what?! Do fish even make sounds? Well, okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly the fish talking (though I did write a whole […]