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Understanding What Generative AI Means for Salesforce Admins
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Einstein next to text that says, "Be an AI-Minded Salesforce Admin."

Be an AI-Minded Salesforce Admin

Understanding the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI) is critical to being an #AwesomeAdmin. This technology has opened up broadly and both people and businesses are finding new and inventive ways to weave it into products and our lives. There’s no better time to get up to speed on AI and how you will be able […]

Einstein surrounded by foliage and text that says "What Generative AI Means for Admins."

Understanding What Generative AI Means for Salesforce Admins

Salesforce Admins are at the heart of Salesforce, driving innovation and productivity at our companies with our skills and the tools at our fingertips. We stay up to date on new technologies and Salesforce products that can drive success for our users and our companies. One such technology is generative AI. Generative AI will allow […]


AI for Admins: What You Need to Know to Make Einstein Bots a Success

Einstein Bots interact with your customers quickly and accurately with automation and artificial intelligence (AI) capability. In terms of AI initiatives, the biggest challenge is measuring business impact. One reason most AI projects fail is that people are looking at “model performance” instead of business value, such as how much money, in either additional revenue […]



Create Your First AI-Powered Prediction with Einstein Prediction Builder

For some of us, artificial intelligence seems like a cool concept that we just don’t have the means or time to incorporate at our companies.…

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Discover how generative AI and Einstein GPT are transforming the future of work.
~10 mins
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See how AI is transforming CRM with smart predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation.
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Remove bias from your data and algorithms to create ethical AI systems at your company.
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