Listening to the ButtonClick Admin Podcast is Easy


Listening to a podcast is a great way to consume amazing content while on the go. For Salesforce Admins it’s easier than creating a workflow. If you are new to listening to podcasts let me walk you through your options.

Three ways to listen

1. From the embedded player

So as you have seen every Thursday I publish a post that has an audio file which playable from which is the podcast. Now, it’s totally consumable from the site and if you are sitting at your desk you can play the podcast right from the post. That would be your first option, but there are more and in my opinion better ones.

2. Play in a pop-up window

Just below the player is a link “Play in a new window”. If you click that the player will open in a new smaller window. This makes browsing the web easier and it can play in the background while you… gee I don’t know… do some Salesforce work.

3. From your mobile device

For those ButtonClick Admins who are on the move, sitting at your desk to listen to the podcast may not be your gig. No worries, we have you covered. If you are on an IOS device like an iPhone or an iPad you can download the podcast app from iTunes and subscribe there. When you subscribe to a podcast it means new episodes are delivered automatically to the app, so you don’t have to search anymore.

There are additional podcast apps available for Android and other devices- my favorite for those is Stitcher. With any podcast app you can subscribe to the podcast, and with Stitcher- like the iTunes podcast app- new episodes will appear when they are published.

I’ll be honest, I listen to 100% of the podcasts I’m subscribed to on my iPhone. They make dog walks with Mr. TJ a breeze and allow me to consume content with very little effort. So I hope this makes listening to podcasts easier for you. If you haven’t listened to the ButtonClick Admin podcast I ask that you give it a try. And if you like what you hear, or if you don’t head on over to iTunes and give us a review- I would love to get your feedback. If there are other podcasts you listen to please share them in the comments below.

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