5 Resources for every Salesforce Admin


On my work desk I keep a few books that are my go-to reference guides, I use them almost everyday. And despite having almost constant access to the internet I still use these few books. As a new Salesforce Admin or even an experienced one the vast amount of resources that you have access to now can seem overwhelming. But like the books on my desk, I find that there is a core set of resources I always come back to on a regular basis. To help you out I’ve complied a quick list for you.

1. Success.Salesforce.com

Without a doubt this is your first place to get started. Not only can the community help you get connected to other admins but it connects you with user groups and is a great resource for staying up to date. Here you will find an Answers area to ask the questions that puzzle you, and Ideas to suggest improvements for the platform. The Community is a great starting place and one that I visit frequently.

2. Release site 

Salesforce has 3 releases each year- and what a better location to keep up to date than our Customer Resources site. This site is updated with information about the upcoming release including links to the release notes, training, and some awesome videos.

3. Salesforce1 Resource Guide

This is your go-to site for all things Salesforce1 mobile. It’s packed with getting started guides, demoes, webinars, and white-papers. Almost everything you could need to answer a question from an Executive or a user.

4. Salesforce webinars

Our webinar series is a great way to spend your lunch hour or time in between boring meetings. The best part about Salesforce webinars is that if you miss one it’s very easy to go back and view it in the archived webinars. And while you are shopping the archives take time to see if there are relevant topics that other users would find helpful. From Sales, to Marketing, to Release Readiness- sending a link to a webinar can help grow your company’s knowledge and get users engaged with the platform.

5. Salesforce Youtube Channel

The Salesforce youtube channel is your one-stop shop for bite-sized content. From great How-to videos that you can post to Chatter to help you users out, to inspiring conversations that can help you and your executive team think bigger the Salesforce Channel has thousands of videos to help you get up to speed. But that isn’t our only channel, we have specific channels for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Exact Target, Chatter, Work.com, Salesforce Data.com, Dreamforce, Desk, and the Salesforce Foundation.

Wait, there’s even more resources!

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