Awesome Advice from Salesforce Admins Everywhere


Salesforce Admins have a wealth of knowledge that they are more than happy to share. That’s one of the things that makes our Ohana so amazing, and truly feel like family. Back in January, we asked #AwesomeAdmins everywhere to join us on Twitter and share that collective knowledge with one another — to inspire and encourage progress on big goals this year.

The Admin team posted various questions every few days asking for advice on things like, “Where did you go *first* to get started with Salesforce?” and “How do you get users excited to use Salesforce?” And you delivered incredible advice in a big way, #AwesomeAdmins!

Below we’ve rounded up just a handful of answers from users all over Twitter that showcased the genuine spirit of what it means to be an #AwesomeAdmin. But, if you want to dig deeper and check out all the answers we received, you can view those tweets here.

Resource advice

Admin Evangelist LeeAnne Rimel asked, “Where do you go for answers when you get stuck?”


Jim Gilbert told us that he would “start with my colleagues…but for on-the-spot answers it’s hard to beat the Salesforce Help Docs.”

Twitter user Kathleen Blue is not shy about sharing the resources she loves: “It’s probably more because it wasn’t around then, but that Trailhead is a GREAT place to learn. I have in fact passed this advice on to two different people this week!”

Shelby Toler talks about her first year with Salesforce: “My first year working with Salesforce I relied heavily on
@trailhead and the help pages. At the end of that year I attended my first @Dreamforce
and was immediately hooked! Now I immerse myself in the ecosystem via community group events, Twitter, etc.“

Driving user adoption

Admin Evangelist Mike Gerholdt asks, “How do you get users excited to use Salesforce?”
And Twitter user GeeQ said, “Lead by example and show how Salesforce can work for them.”

Andrea Stratton also shared this helpful hint, “Listen to feedback and find solutions to resolve issues they may be having. Show ways to use functionality to speed up their processes. Put key data front and center. Include fun things like confetti or GIFs.”

Getting started advice

Director of Admin Marketing Rebecca Saar posed the question, “What is something you wish someone in the community told you when you first got started with Salesforce?”

Johnathan Fox says, “I wish that someone told me Trailblazer User Groups existed so that I could join them earlier! Also wish someone told me how easy Trailhead is to learn on-I’d have started learning a long time ago.”

Leanne Botwright wishes someone had told her to “get involved in the community & meet other users either virtually or in real life ASAP!”

Mita has great advice for her former-self, “When you implement new process or streamline workflow, ALWAYS get end users involved at a early stage to get their feedback. Your implementation will go smoothly and no issue with adoption.”

And so does Joey Eisenzimmer: “Get into a sandbox more often just to look and play around. It will help build muscle memory and orient you to the platform!”

Aleks Radovanovic has some advice that stands the test of time: “I wish I was reminded that mastering Salesforce is a never-ending process and that we all keep learning new things almost every day.”

Adam Olshansky wants #AwesomeAdmins to know that “Imposter Syndrome is a real thing, and it’s ok if it never goes away! You have a lot to learn from others but others also have a lot to learn from you. Don’t second guess yourself and share your knowledge with the Ohana! They’re here to help and grow together with you!”

When Ram Neni got started, he wishes someone had told him that “it is ok to say that you do not have answers to every problem clients bring to you. Be confident and humble about what you know and honest about what you don’t know. There is a community to help you.”

And finally, Skye would want her early-admin self to know that, “This is going to change your life…forever. The amazing friends, projects that have challenged me, the ways I’ve learned and grown as a person. But also the ability to support myself financially and have a powerful plan for my future.”

This was a short, fun sweepstakes that is now closed, but the spirit of sharing and empowering other #AwesomeAdmins remains open all year long! We’re known to ask for advice and other fun answers on our weekly #AwesomeAdmin Friday tweets. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and look out for those so you can jump in and give us your best answers.

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