Salesforce Admins are Superheroes with Trailhead


You knew it from the moment you created your first field. Nothing about you physically changed, but your business did. It was more productive because you had one more piece of data to help everyone serve your customers better. So you added a workflow, then a validation rule, and maybe a couple page layouts. Before long, spreadsheets didn’t stand a chance in your organization. Meetings suddenly became shorter because coworkers were collaborating on Chatter, and managers were viewing up-to-date reports on their mobile device. And with SalesforceA, resetting passwords on the go meant you didn’t skip a beat. With Salesforce, you unlocked your superhero capabilities and now you want to go further. You want to see what apps can be built with clicks, and maybe learn some code. It’s time for you to meet Trailhead!

What is Trailhead?

With Trailhead, Salesforce Admins can learn how to build cloud apps for free with fun, interactive tutorials. In the coming weeks we will introduce you to each Superhero and how they blazed their own trail, followed learning paths at their own pace, and became our #AwesomeAdmin Superheros with Trailhead. This week we are getting started with an overview of Trailhead as our heroes prepare to take the challenges. Of course you should follow our heroes and build your own trail, so let’s get started!

Getting Started

Our #AwesomeAdmin Superheroes got started in Trailhead by talking to Doc Developer who told them that signing up for a new Developer Edition Org of Salesforce will give them a fresh org to complete all of the challenges and modules. He also told our Superheroes that Developer Edition environments are where you develop applications and are free for life! After Doc helped our Superheroes sign up for a Developer Edition Org they all logged in to Trailhead using their Salesforce Developer profile.

Completing Challenges

After logging in our Superheros got to work, they clicked on the “login to take challenges” button on the challenge section of a unit. Our Mobile Avenger dove into the Salesforce1 Mobile Basics unit, while the Productivity Protector decided to tackle the Workflow Automation Unit. Titan the Trainer got started on the module “Data Management” but quickly got called away for new user onboarding. She paused the module and will come back to it because she knows that they are not timed and because she was logged in to Trailhead she is able to track her progress and pick up where she left off.

Follow our Superheroes & take the challenge!

Over the coming weeks you will have an opportunity to meet each of our #AwesomeAdmin Superheroes here on ButtonClickAdmin, learn about their back story, and see which modules in Trailhead they are going through. Each of them agree that Trailhead is a great way for Salesforce Admins to learn, test their knowledge, and show off their Salesforce Skills.

They are challenging every #AwesomeAdmin to complete modules on Trailhead and tweet out their badges using the hashtag #AwesomeAdmin


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