Choosing the Right Automation Tool


Right now is a great time to be a Salesforce Admin. With Lightning Process Builder, Workflow Rules, Visual Workflow, and Approval Processes, we have many great automation tools in our utility belt. As a Productivity Protector we are often working to streamline business process and deliver real business value. And if you watch any superhero movie, you know that they always know which tool to use when. I mean, Batman had Shark Repellent Batspray at his disposal. But with so many tools as an Admin to use- which one do you choose?


Trailhead to the Rescue!

Unlike Batman we don’t have the luxury of Robin hovering over us in the Batcopter with a myriad of oceanic repellents at the ready. But we do have Trailhead and a brand new module called “Process Automation” under the Intro to Visual App Development trail.

Choosing the right automation tool

The first unit in the Process Automation module helps Salesforce Admins understand the differences between Lightning Process Builder, Visual Workflow, and Workflows with real-world statements and explanations, and when you should use each one. And at the end, you get to test your knowledge with a quiz where you pick the best tool for the job.. In addition there is a super handy chart which I have included here as a link. I HIGHLY suggest you print it and add it to your office liveries. It makes for a great reference!

Automating Processes with the Lightning Process Builder

With the first unit completed, you can move on to one of my favorite units in Trailhead where you get to work with Lightning Process Builder. I feel it should be noted that I’m seriously considering starting a fan club for Lightning Process Builder and Shelly Erceg. You can tweet that. But in all seriousness, if you have not had a chance to get hands on with the Process Builder this unit is a great starting point! This unit does a great job of explaining the interface, understanding how to add criteria and adding actions when those criteria are met.

Creating Wizards with the Visual Workflow

Now that you have built your first Process it’s time to expand your skills and create a wizard in Visual Workflow. I first saw flows and knew they had the power to make Salesforce Admins great! And if you are just starting to learn flows- like I am- this unit has a lot of explanations and videos to help you out. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other Salesforce Wizard who has been producing a very informative series of videos on youtube about Visual Workflow. These are a great supplement to help you be awesome at Visual Workflow!

Automating Time-based Actions with Workflow

Not everything in salesforce has to happen right now. This unit on time-based actions with Workflow is great for admins who need to have something happen later. For example, sending an Account owner an email reminder 60 days after an opportunity has closed to remind them to check on how the implementation is going. Or having a task created 1 day after an Opportunity is closed so that another user can send the contract.

Routing Records with Approvals

The final unit in this module helps you understand approvals. As a Productivity Protector you are tasked with streamlining business processes, which includes making sure that business rules are followed at every step. Imagine if Batman didn’t get his latest shipment of Shark Repellent Batspray because no one ever signed off on the invoice? Of course, that would never happen to Batman, because he routes all his invoices for approval. Understanding how to set up an Approval Process in Salesforce and how records route through that process can help your business never miss a step.

Follow our Superheroes & take the challenge!

Each of our #AwesomeAdmin Superheroes agree that Trailhead is a great way for Salesforce Admins to learn, test their knowledge, and show off their Salesforce Skills.

They are challenging every #AwesomeAdmin to complete modules on Trailhead and tweet out their badges using the hashtag #AwesomeAdmin

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