Rebecca Saar

Director, Admin Marketing at Salesforce focused on educating, empowering and elevating Salesforce Administrators.

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Catch Up on Awesome Admin Sessions From DreamTX

Salesforce Admins from all over the world tuned into the Dreamforce Trailblazer Experience, aka DreamTX, in December. DreamTX — a global, 4-day series of panels, demos, and online learning experiences — featured more than 300 hours of content! Did you catch it all last week? No? Well, DreamTX may be over, but your opportunities to […]


Master Automation, Change Management, and Security with Low-Code Tools

The global pandemic has significantly changed the way businesses operate. And admins everywhere have sprung into action to adapt existing processes or to design, and roll out, new processes that are having a huge impact. With low-code tools, Salesforce Admins are quickly responding to their businesses’ changing needs without compromising quality, security, or scalability. This […]


TDX Tuesday: Build Reports Lightning Fast

Hey #AwesomeAdmins! Every Tuesday this month, we will talk about the awesome TDX sessions we saw last month. We realize you may not have a whole day to set aside for learning, but we bet you can find 30 minutes this week (and next week, and maybe the week after that!). 🌮 Admin Episode: Build […]


Join Us for Be An Innovator With Dynamic Pages

Over the years, Lightning pages have become increasingly more powerful, enabling Salesforce Admins to envision and build complex, flexible and smart experiences for users with low code. Making changes to the user experience in Salesforce is critical when you’re supporting a business that is fast-changing, needing to pivot, or expanding. Requirements change, new programs launch, […]


Admin Best Practices, Tips, and Resources to Drive Salesforce Adoption

As a Salesforce Admin, one of your core responsibilities revolves around Adoption, ensuring end users are able to take advantage of Salesforce to increase their productivity. Adoption can also be one of the hardest things to drive, because it involves other people. Unlike developing an app or customizing a Lightning page, which are activities fully […]


Find Your Dreamforce ’19 Home at The Admin Meadow

The experience of Dreamforce is like no other event you’ll be a part of in the Salesforce ecosystem. Everywhere you turn, there are incredible opportunities to learn, connect, have fun, and give back. As we prepare for this momentous event again this year, we want to cover each major aspect so that #AwesomeAdmins far and […]