5 Ways You Can #BeAnInnovator and Leader in AI


While it may seem that artificial intelligence is a future state, it’s here now. AI is deeply embedded in our personal lives, from the recommendations Amazon gives us when we’re shopping, to Gmail finishing sentences before we’re able to type them! Business is following rapidly, leveraging AI to improve efficiency and customer experience. Salesforce Einstein is already delivering 475 Million predictions per day! And Salesforce Admins are in a great position to lead your companies in this exciting wave of innovation.

We want every Salesforce Admin to be a citizen data scientist, but we know it can be daunting to get started. So we built a 6-video learning adventure to guide you through the first steps. We had a blast with hundreds of you during the real-time Be An Innovator adventure, and we hope to see many more of you join the learning fun. Here are the simple steps to take and some examples of your peers’ progress.

1. Dive In and Share Your Progress

Watch all 6 Be An Innovator videos, follow along in your special Cloudy’s Candies org, and share your progress on Twitter using #BeAnInnovator. Get additional resources to help you along the adventure in the trailmix.

2. Learn from your Peers

Video 1 – Identify the Problem
Fill out the Einstein Use Case Worksheet and share it on Twitter.

Video 2 – Gather Requirements
Prepare to build a solution by gathering and writing down all the requirements.

Video 3 – Leverage AI
Learn how Einstein fits into the Admin toolkit, and when to use this tool over something else like Process Builder or code when you are developing a solution.

Video 4 – Build a Prediction
Get hands-on and build a prediction using Einstein Prediction Builder.

Video 5 – Surface the Prediction
Explore how and where you can add prediction scores in your org to make it super useful for your users.

Video 6 – Discover Insights
Use Einstein Discovery to dive into the data and find even MOAR insights.

Check out more examples of the work in this Twitter moment I created!

3. Note These #ProTips for Building Predictions

  1. Be sure to remove certain types of fields from your prediction. Learn about it in this blog post by Ayori Selassi: 3 Types of Fields To Exclude from Your Prediction.
  2. If your model is stuck in “Pending” status longer than 24 hours, clone and try again.
  3. If you don’t see predictions on your records, make sure your model is enabled and give it about an hour after the prediction is done and enabled to populate.
  4. Learn about other predictions you could build with Einstein Prediction Builder in the Big Book of Predictions.

Join the Prediction Builder Community Group to ask questions!

4. Complete the Trailmix

Complete the Trailmix by December 31, 2018 to earn the Be an Innovator community badge and be entered for a chance to win 1 of 25 prize packs.

Hit the trail, finish the trailmix!

5. Set Your Next Goal

What will you do next to deliver innovation at your company? What predictions are you excited to build? Share your goals with us on Twitter using #BeAnInnovator!

And please, share your feedback with us.

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