Midwest Dreamin’ Recap: It’s All About Community


Last week the Salesforce Admin team spent time with our amazing community at Midwest Dreamin’ 2016. There are so many great events like this one — Snowforce, London’s Calling, Forcelandia, SE Dreaming, and Tahoe Dreamin’ that are great opportunities for Admins and Developers to connect. With over 35+ sessions, demo jams, circle of success meetings, and keynotes it was a jam-packed event. The best part is that it was all driven by you- the Salesforce community- from admins to developers to partners, all working to help grow and educate each other.  I want to give a special shout out to the Midwest Dreamin organizers- Denise Carbone, Eric Dreshfield, Leyna Hoffer, Andy Ognenoff, and Dale Ziegler and so many more whose passion helped make this event as great as possible.

The sessions were amazing!

From Tips & Tricks to Build your Salesforce Career to Getting Started with the Developer console-  Midwest Dreamin’ had a session for everyone of every level. The venue provided plenty of room to network, hang out, and connect with other attendees.

Bring on the confetti!

On Friday the Admin team revved up the crowd with a fun game of Salesforce Admin Trivia. Attendees formed teams either before the event, or at the event, to battle for fun Salesforce Swag!

The first game was a very spirited competition with team SaaS (Shonna’s Awesome AdminS) answering the last question for the victory. Game two provided as much fun & excitement as veteran Salesforce Admins and newbies answered questions on their quest for victory. In the end, the two teams were given a word to act out and through audience applause team SaaS was victor.

Want to test your skills? Check out our trivia deck below.


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