Salesforce Lightning Process Builder Hits 100 Billion Transaction Milestone


100 billion. It’s estimated that there are nearly 100 billion stars in the Milky Way. There are 100 billion neurons in the human brain. And there are just north of 100 billion tweets each year. Today, thanks to the dedicated work of Salesforce admins around the globe, Salesforce’s Lightning Process Builder joins the elite ranks of the 100 billion benchmark by officially hitting a huge milestone — 100 billion transactions in less than a year.  

Breaking down the math, that’s 260 million transactions a day at more than 3,000 per second or roughly quadruple the number of Instagram shares per day.

Why is this so amazing?  

Aside from sheer volume, the amount of business value that is being realized is staggering.  Business process automation has long been a difficult yet important task for businesses to remain productive and efficient. The responsibility for deploying business automation solutions has typically resided with IT, and required extensive budget for hardware, software, integration and resources. This meant expensive solutions that took a lot of time and were implemented by people that weren’t close to the business process themselves. And by the time they were delivered, business requirements had likely already changed.  

Salesforce Lightning Process Builder changed the game of business process automation by empowering people throughout an organization to automate business processes quickly, easily and in an agile way. With this innovation, we’re seeing the rise of a new kind of developer – a Salesforce Admin who can deliver business value with clicks, not code. They know their business needs, understand the power of technology and strive to deliver operational excellence. Salesforce Admins move at the speed of the business, bringing innovation to life.  Not only do they deliver real business value fast, they also help entire departments to be more productive, freeing up time to focus on core business matters.

How are People Using Process Builder?

Process Builder has been applied throughout organizations, touching every department from sales and service to finance and HR. People all around the world are delivering business value within their departments. Joanna Iturbe, a project manager at the University of Colorado Boulder, was able to automate one of their most complex processes in a total of 8 hours and 8 versions. Overall, she’s implemented 17 processes and estimates saving 250 human resource hours as well as $75,000, all without writing code. The applications have filled a variety of business functions, with the top 10 focusing on:

  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Commission Management
  • Discount Approvals
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Customer Reference Program Management
  • Campaign Management (Budget Overage Escalation)
  • Approval Processing
  • Lead Management & Routing
  • Quote Management
  • Big Deal Management
  • Account Ownership Change Management
  • Case Management and Escalation

By putting these tools in the hands of the people who use Salesforce the most, we’ve turned dedicated users into an organization’s most valuable asset. Through Process Builder, every employee can contribute to making the business smarter, faster and more efficient.

With the Process Builder over a year old this April, we look forward to seeing what comes out of the user community in the years to come.

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