5 Reasons Salesforce Admins should attend TrailheaDX ’17


Trailblazers come from all around the world and with many different skill sets. As we get closer to TrailheaDX, I’m so excited to see the breadth of sessions for Admins. With so much great content to pick from and 2 action packed days, here are 5 sessions or great reasons for you, the Salesforce Admin, to attend TrailheaDX.

1. Embed Customer Support into your Apps using Service Cloud Lightning Snap-Ins

This session will empower you to take support to a whole new level using Snap-ins. Lightning Snap-ins enable immediate, personalized, and contextual customer support on any device. Learn when best to use Snap-ins and how to implement them on your site.

2. Getting Started with Sales Cloud Einstein

Join this session to learn best practices about Sales Cloud Einstein implementations. With the opportunity to help teams better prioritize leads and manage opportunities through Einstein, Admins who attend this session will learn how to prepare their orgs for Einstein deployment and understand what steps to take to get Einstein up and running.

3. Leverage the Power of Picklists

This session covers the powerful new enhancements to global and restricted picklists you demanded on the IdeaExchange. Learn about inactive value management, picklist value API names and formula based default values. Join and unlock the power of picklists!

4. Org Lifecycle Management: Empowering Admins

As Salesforce orgs become more complex, governance and change management are more important than ever – and admins are at the center of those processes! Learn how to manage the entire Org Lifecycle Management process and business application ecosystem (including working with developers; managing multiple sandboxes; creating policies that ensure auditable change accountability; and more). Above all, we will teach you how to respond when you are asked to make certain configuration changes directly in production – always follow the governance process!

5. Process Builder or Apex Triggers: Choosing Between Automation Tools

Salesforce offers several means to operate various business processes in the background: Process Builder, Triggers, Flow, Workflows, and more. With all of these options, it can be difficult to choose the right tool for the job. This session will evaluate the different solutions to help you understand the strengths of each tool and how to decide which one is right for which scenario and user.

These are my top 5 reasons you, the Salesforce Admin, should attend TrailheaDX. TrailheaDX is great opportunity to push your skill level even higher and collaborate with members of our community.  And, these 5 sessions aren’t the only Admin focused ones! Filter by Salesforce Admin on the session page to peruse all of them.

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