Redesigned Lightning Experience Migration Assistant in Summer ’17


Have you checked out the new, easy-to-use, wizard-style Lightning Experience Migration Assistant in Setup? If you haven’t already, it’s time to get familiar with this tool so you can start planning your move to Lightning Experience!

Let’s take a tour of the Migration Assistant, starting with the left tab. The tabs are arranged to walk admins through the optimal path to enabling Lightning Experience. But, you aren’t restricted to going through the tabs in sequential order. As you iterate on subsequent phases of your rollout, you can access any of the tabs whenever and as often as needed.

Learn About Lightning Experience

As you embark on your transition to Lightning Experience, start by learning about the features and business value of the new user interface. During this rollout, you want to make sure you’re the Lightning expert at your company so stakeholders feel they’re in good hands. This first section has lots of resources for you to do that. Watch an overview video, see differences from Salesforce Classic, and get hands-on with Trailhead.

Check Your Lightning Experience Readiness

The Check Readiness tab is where you run the famous, handy-dandy readiness report that evaluates your org and sends you a custom report with lots of goodies, including recommended actions to get ready for Lightning Experience and an analysis of which users are good candidates to switch over.

Preview How Your Org Works in Lightning Experience

If you’re not quite ready to enable Lightning Experience for yourself or your users, dive in with the Preview tool! You can evaluate your production org right in the new interface. Check out issues identified in the Readiness Report to see what’s important to address. Evaluate features and customizations not covered by the Readiness Check. You can even start adapting your org while you preview it. But remember, you’re working with your live org so any changes you make in Preview are real and reflected in Salesforce Classic too.

Optimize Lightning Experience with Recommended Features

Lightning Experience is chock full of cool features that improve productivity. Turn them on beforehand to give your users the best experience when you switch to Lightning Experience.

Set Up Users for Lightning Experience

Setting up users for Lightning Experience is one of the most important steps to take before turning it on. First, decide who gets access to Lightning Experience. By default, this permission is automatically enabled for all users with a standard Salesforce profile. For everyone else, make sure you have permission sets or custom profiles set up to assign to those users. The first link under this tab (Learn How) takes you to a Help & Training doc that explains in detail how to do this.

Next, for users who already have the user perm, you can use the wizard launched from this tab (when you click Switch Users) to select the users who should automatically switch to Lightning Experience (versus those who stay in Salesforce Classic but can switch themselves to Lightning Experience when they’re ready).

Turn On Lightning Experience

When you’re ready to enable Lightning Experience for your org, it’s as easy as flipping a switch. Just head to the Turn It On tab.

Have more Questions?

Join a Lightning Circle of Success for an interactive discussion with your peers on how to successfully adopt and leverage Lightning Experience for your organization. Whether you are just beginning your journey, or have already started down the path, this is a great opportunity to hear and share best practices, learn tips for a successful launch, and get the most out of Lightning Experience.

Register here.

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