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As we conclude the 10-day app-building journey, I am excited to see all the fun apps you built! We have a fun template for you to use to showcase your app. Fill out key information and add a screenshot of your app and then share it on twitter using #beabuilder!

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Even before we started the Be a Builder campaign, many of you were creating and sharing apps you built to track data that is meaningful to you. Below, we’re highlighting just a few of the inspiring uses for Lightning apps—from Chameleon health to Salesforce swag.

The Chiro App

Created to track the food intake of his beloved chameleon, Chiro, Jesper Klang’s custom app ensures his chameleon stays happy and healthy. This app shows the average crickets eaten in the last 7 days by Chiro, and assigns feeding responsibilities to Klang’s household members to make sure Chiro is always nourished.

The Mood Diary

In the UK, mental health patients are often given paper forms to track their moods. Chris Emmett’s app reduces the mood tracking process of a patient to a few button clicks. Streamlining this process means that patients’ mood diaries are up to date and accurate, which ensures better data for the medical professional treating them, and in turn, better care.

The Swagilicious Trading App

The Salesforce Ohana has a LOT of swag. Sometimes they find it hard to keep track of which t-shirt, backpack, or stuffed character they have at home. Jennifer Lee created an app to solve organization issues with her Swagilicious Trading app. It allows users to track which items they have, what kind of “points” they are worth, and trade with other users. A fun, and interactive way to organize your swag!

The DreamVoice App

Sri Kolgani’s DreamVoice app enables users to search for rooms, people, and accounts from Salesforce using voice search on their devices. Kolgani’s application leverages a Lightning component as well as objects within Salesforce to get you Lightning—speed voice responses.

We know so many of you are pouring hard work and extra hours into the Be a Builder adventure to create something you’re extremely proud of. And, as you’re finishing up this 10-day journey, we want to see what you’ve created! Download the template, fill it in with your custom app information, and share it with us on Twitter using the hashtag #beabuilder so we can see, and celebrate your creativity!

Download template

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