Get Ready for the New Flow Builder


Exciting news, #AwesomeAdmins, Lightning Flow is getting some major upgrades that will make it easier for you to automate and guide users through flows.

Introducing the New Flow Builder

A faster and easier tool for assembling flows is on the horizon: the new Flow Builder. The new tool is built with four key design principles in mind — clarity, efficiency, consistency, and beauty — and delivered with Salesforce’s newest and most performant front-end technologies.

And, as you may know, the existing tool, Cloud Flow Designer, requires the Adobe Flash Player at runtime. Since Adobe Flash is being retired, rest assured that the new Flow Builder will be Flash-free.

The new Flow Builder includes:

  • Familiar and intuitive shapes to make flows easier to read.
  • Lightning-fast performance built with the latest technologies.
  • Standard controls based on the Lightning Design System to make the builder more efficient to use.
  • Simplified toolbox to make it easier to find the element you’re looking for.


Transition to Flow Builder

The new Flow Builder will be easier to use, easier to learn, and easy to transition to. The change is coming fast, and the transition period will be short. You will not see any changes in the Winter ’19 release, but the current plan is you’ll have the shiny new Flow Builder in the Spring ’19 release.

To migrate from Cloud Flow Designer to Flow Builder, here’s what you need to do: nothing!

Your flows, whether active or inactive, will continue to run like they did before. When you modify and save an existing flow in Flow Builder, Salesforce automatically saves it as a new version of the flow. That way, your original version isn’t overwritten. Note: Flows or flow versions that you save in Flow Builder can’t be opened in Cloud Flow Designer.

Flow Builder will be available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.


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