Insight: Using Dashboards to Increase Adoption

Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast we’re kicking off the second component of our new format with our very first Insights episode. The idea behind Insights is to get a chance to sit down with the Admin Evangelist Team and take the time to have an in-depth discussion about a particular topic. This week, we’re talking about adoption.

More about this Insights session: Join us as we dig deep into adoption with Admin Evangelists Marc Baizman & Gillian Bruce….

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with Marc Baizman and Gillian Bruce.

Motivating Your Team to Adopt

Marc comes from a nonprofit background where, as he puts it, “there are wonderful, lovely people but technology is often not at the top of the list.” Because of that, the key is to find a way to get people to see the value in whatever you’re throwing at them. You want to show them that “they can get value quickly with a minimum of effort and fuss.” You need to think about how each person you’re talking to will see the value, and act accordingly.

The Admin Evangelist Team works in a custom Salesforce instance to track engineering and sprints. Recently, however, Gillian has found herself on the other side of adoption within this process. As she puts it, “I’m struggling to find my way to use it correctly.” Seeing the Dashboards her teammate, LeeAnne has built however, has motivated her to get more comfortable.

Sharing Dashboards

“When you see it all on a Dashboard, it becomes not a competition but a motivation,” Gillian says, “you want to see your name.” There’s even a Dashboard on the AppExchange for Lightning Adoption so that you can create a Wall of Fame and a Wall of Shame. However, Marc cautions: “Be careful when you share that stuff publicly because it depends on the behavior that you want to incentivize.”

Dashboards in Lightning are sexy, and not just because they look nice. You can have more than three columns, make specific components bigger to highlight them, and there are more component options than in Classic.

Dashboard Pro Tips

One of the biggest tips from Marc is that you can create one report to feed multiple dashboard components. It’s an easy way to group the same set of data several different ways to get the most out of your components. Dashboard filters are also a great way to give everyone on your team a shortcut to be able to look at the info they need. Look forward to the the improvements coming to the Lightning Report Builder (Beta) in the Spring ‘18 release.


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