Lightning Experience Transition Toolkit: Find All Your Tools in One Place


With every release, Lightning Experience gets better and better, and the benefits of switching are hard to ignore. Whether it’s the 850+ features only available in Lightning Experience, or the significant reduction in feature gaps, it’s becoming much more attractive to make the move and make it now. But, you might be thinking “Chris, I get it. Lightning Experience is great. I want to use all those new features and help my users. But seriously…how and where do I even begin?

We’ve provided a number of best practices to get you on your way, ranging from a short 10 Simple Steps to Roll Out Lightning Experience to an in-depth prescriptive change management and progressive approach to ease into the transition. We’ve also shared videos of how fellow Admins have approached moving on the Lightning Resource page. But the number one request we’ve heard from all of our Admins is: “Give us the tools to move to Lightning Experience.”

With the Lightning Experience Transition Toolkit, we’re making it easy for you to access and take advantage of all the go-to tools you need to move to Lightning in one place. The toolkit will help you with key elements of the transition to Lightning Experience, including assessing how many JavaScript buttons you’ll need to convert (automatically) and visualizing usage trends across your Lightning Experience adopters.

The toolkit addresses key phases of a Lightning Experience rollout, including:


Identify the features and customizations that are ready to go and those that need some attention by running the Lightning Experience Readiness Check and Lightning Experience Visualforce Check.

Prepare for your Lightning Experience implementation by automating many of the tasks. The Lightning Experience Configuration Convertor creates Lightning alternatives for your org’s JavaScript buttons. The Magic Mover for Notes and Attachments does bulk conversions of classic notes to enhanced notes and attachments to Salesforce Files.


Track user adoption metrics and visualize usage trends with daily updates from Lightning Experience Usage App.


See personalized recommendations for improving your implementation by running Salesforce Optimizer. You’ll get actionable input on how to improve features, clean up customizations, reduce complexity, and drive feature adoption.

To access the Transition Toolkit, see simplify your move to Lightning Experience with the Transition Toolkit.

Additionally, it’s important to note that these apps are updated frequently to give you even more support during your rollout. If you’re actively transitioning to Lightning Experience, check for updates each month. Otherwise, check back at least once with each major Salesforce release.

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