8 Sessions To Add to Your Admin TrailheaDX ’19 Agenda


As you know TrailheaDX is just around the corner! TrailheaDX is a one-of-a-kind event for Developers, Admins, and Architects where technology meets creativity, builders meet bootcamp, and attendees meet experts — all designed for like-minded people looking to build their Salesforce skill set.

With Agenda Builder now live, you can start planning the optimal event experience for YOU. Below are 8 awesome sessions we’re super excited about! Consider adding them to your agenda based on your interests as an #AwesomeAdmin:

1. Build Together on the Low Code Platform Supersession

Speakers: Marc Baizman, Shannon Hale, Kelly Walker, Wade Wegner

Whether you build with clicks or code, or a bit of both, low code should be part of every builder’s arsenal. That’s because when you automate and build efficiently, you can focus on what matters: continuous innovation. Join this session to learn what’s new with low code, automation, the Lightning experience, plus developer and admin tooling. Leave excited and inspired by our latest roadmap and how you can innovate on the world’s greatest low code platform by building with clicks and extending with code.

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2. Decluttering Your Org: Steps to a More Optimized Salesforce

Speakers: Christopher Marzilli

Did you inherit a cluttered org with no documentation? Are you trying to figure out why you have 500 fields on an object? Time to break out those mops and buckets and get down and dirty in the grime and muck that makes up your Org. In this session we will take you through the steps to identify and eliminate the built up Technical Debt that is dragging your org down. You will leave this session with concrete next steps and a number of helpful tools that will drive your org to a more optimized future!

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3. Intro to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) for Admins

Speakers: Kieren Jameson, Angelica Morriesette

Sometimes the hardest thing for admins who want to learn Apex is how to understand the basic structures of object oriented programming. In this session, admins will come away able to describe the basic building blocks of coding on the Salesforce Platform, including what they are, how they’re used, and even some best practices to be on the lookout for in their own org.

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4. Measure Pipeline Performance with Historical Tracking Reports

Speakers: Liz Skaates

Most reports only show the current state of your business. But if you need to know how your business has been progressing over the past few months, Historical Tracking reports will provide those insights. In this session, we show examples of reports that help Sales teams monitor their pipeline and discover whether any deals have shrunk or been pushed out.

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5. Create a Vision for Salesforce

Speakers: Mike Gerholdt, Shannon Gregg

Salesforce is more than just a CRM, as a Salesforce Administrator you have insight into all of the initiatives in your company and you want to bring the 360 vision to your executives. But how do you create a Salesforce vision and get all of your stakeholders on board? We will show you how to build the vision, shape the environment, and deliver the results and some of the research to help you be an #AwesomeAdmin.

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6. How to Rock a Salesforce Demo (and why it matters)

Speakers: LeeAnne Rimel

Are you preparing for a presentation or just want to hone your #demomaster skills? Whether you are presenting to your executive management team, a local user group, or a conference, it is important to keep your audience engaged, focused, and inspired during your demo. Learn from Keynote Demo experts as we discuss when and why to deliver a demo, what you can accomplish with it, and tips and tricks for delivering a great Salesforce demo!

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7. Tame Distractions and Overload, Crush Completion: Personal Kanban for Admins

Speakers: Erik Sowa

As an administrator holding the keys to your company’s Salesforce instance, you get a lot of requests for help. There are not enough hours in the day, and your stakeholders make it harder by interrupting — what’s an admin to do? In this session, we will show you how to use Personal Kanban to manage your work. You will take away tips and patterns for achieving dramatic improvements in lead time (how fast you complete your work) and throughput (how much work you get done).

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8. Make the Move to Lightning Experience in 60 Days

Speakers: Kelly Walker, Rebecca Saar, and Melanie Head

Let’s move to Lightning Experience together! Kick off your 60-day move to Lightning Experience by joining us for this session. You’ll walk away with a step-by-step plan, best practices from Admins who have successfully moved, and a wide array of tools and resources available to help you. With Lightning Experience being turned on for all orgs in the Winter ’20 Release, now’s the time to join us!

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And, there are many moar! Check Agenda Builder, filter by role: Salesforce Admin to find all the great sessions.

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