Brittney Gibson

Brittney joined the Salesforce Admin Marketing team as the Social and Content Manager in 2021. Although she’s new to the platform and audience, she’s excited to empower, enable, and elevate #AwesomeAdmins!

Discover Your Awesome Admin Potential

Discover Your Awesome Admin Potential

As an #AwesomeAdmin, you’re instrumental in delivering the future of business at your company by leveraging your skills, Salesforce products, and the knowledge you gain on a daily basis. Your potential is limitless. ✨ If you’re looking to skill up further, you’ve come to the right place. Answer the questions below and tally up your […]

TrailblazerDX '23 for Salesforce Admins

A Salesforce Admin’s Guide to TrailblazerDX 2023

The whole community is coming back together on March 7 and 8 in San Francisco and on Salesforce+ for TrailblazerDX (TDX) ’23! Join us and discover new ways to build success now with Salesforce. During these two exciting days, we’re blurring the lines between learning and fun by bringing admins, developers, architects, partners, entrepreneurs, and […]

Connect with #AwesomeAdmins Online

Tips for Connecting with Fellow #AwesomeAdmins Online

In today’s world where more and more companies are going remote or having their employees work on a hybrid schedule, it’s critical to build and maintain work relationships. Since I started my role as the Social Media Manager for the Admin Relations team, one of my favorite aspects of this job is seeing how tight-knit […]

Cloudy with a megaphone and text that says, "Develop Your Admin Skills at Dreamforce."

Develop Your Admin Skills at Dreamforce with Us

⏰ We don’t know about you, but the Admin Relations team has been counting down the days to Dreamforce ’22 since it was announced! This year, we’re celebrating our 20th global family reunion and are over-the-moon excited to come together in person and virtually on Salesforce+ to learn, connect, have fun, and give back from […]

Cloudy with a computer and text that says , "Convince Your Boss to Send You to Dreamforce."

How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Dreamforce

Editor’s note: This post was updated on August 1, 2023, with the latest information and resources. So you want to go to Dreamforce, but you don’t know how to convince your boss to send you? We’ve got you covered, #AwesomeAdmins! Presenting your case to your boss doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. In fact, […]

Madeleine Coutanceau, Tony Nguyen, Karmel James, Sarah Pilzer, and Andrew Russo in our new Salesforce+ series, "How I Solved It."

How I Solved It Is Coming to Salesforce+!

If you’ve been in the #AwesomeAdmin community for a while, you’re probably familiar with our popular series, “How I Solved It,” where we deep dive into a specific business problem and show how one #AwesomeAdmin chose to solve it. After some feedback, the series, which debuted as a blog series in February 2020, evolved into […]

Documentation advice from the community.

Documentation Advice from the Awesome Admin Community

Let’s face it, whether you’re a new or seasoned admin, creating robust documentation is key to success! Not only does it help users and peers better understand business processes, it also helps YOU when you’re having a hard time remembering why or how you created something months ago. Since most of us have our best […]