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5 Key Things to Learn from the TrailheaDX ’21 Admin Channel


Two weeks ago, Salesforce experts dropped a plethora of knowledge into the world at TrailheaDX ’21. With five channels, demo rooms, and Circles of Success happening all at the same time, I wouldn’t be super surprised if you didn’t catch it all. ?

We shared key announcements and partnerships in the Main Show. We heard from Trailblazers, product managers, and Salesforce leadership. We celebrated a new Golden Hoodie recipient, Kehinde Oseni. We also watched a new Trailhead Lego statue be built, brick by brick, in great anticipation! And, yes, all in one day.

TrailheaDX may be over, but the learning doesn’t end here. In fact, it’s just beginning. All episode recordings and more are available for you to watch on-demand on the TrailheaDX website. Make sure your registered and logged in to watch!

For admins in particular, there were many important takeaways. If you missed some episodes on the Admin Channel (or the day just feels like a blur at this point!), below are links to the recordings and what you can expect to learn from each.

5 key things to learn from the TrailheaDX Admin Channel

1. Create a Sales Order in NetSuite automatically with MuleSoft Composer

TrailheaDX image featuring two Trailblazers and Codey in their Trailblazer hoodies. Text says "Connect Apps and Data with MuleSoft Composer."

Have you been wanting to see MuleSoft Composer in action? Tune in for a real-world demo to see how we create a Sales Order in NetSuite automatically. Plus, hear about MuleSoft Product Managers Dave and Ashley’s favorite features! Spoiler alert — they’re sample output and test mode.

Login and watch the Connect Apps and Data with MuleSoft Composer episode recording to learn more.

2. Build a Return-to-Work App with & Tableau

TrailheaDX image featuring two Trailblazers and Codey in their Trailblazer hoodies. Text says "Build a Return-to-Work App with & Tableau."

This episode is an opportunity to learn more about how you can be a forward-thinking admin and help your company return to work with and Tableau. You’ll even get a peek into how the admins at ATG built an innovative and nimble survey & dashboard app to plan office schedules, track employee sentiment, and share important updates.

Learn more about how Salesforce Admins can use and Tableau by watching the Build a Return-to-Work App with & Tableau episode recording.

3. Learn how Salesforce Flow is the future

TrailheaDX image featuring two Trailblazers and Codey in their Trailblazer hoodies. Text says “Meet the Teams: Automation.”

#AwesomeAdmins had many takeaways from the Meet the Teams: Automation segment. Our rockstar Flow PMs shared their favorite demos and announcements and answered viewers’ questions live! The biggest takeaway: Flow is the future for record-triggered automation. With all of the new announcements, from combining flows and processes, to debugging features, to Flow Orchestrator, we couldn’t agree more.

Watch the Meet the Teams: Automation recording to see the awesome Flow demos and hear answers to many of our popular Flow questions.

4. Implement MFA and become a Security Champion

TrailheaDX image featuring two Trailblazers and Codey in their Trailblazer hoodies. Text says “Security for Admins: Become a Security Champion.”

As an admin, you have a unique opportunity to become a security advocate — or champion, as we like to say — at your company. In this session, you’ll learn that the best way for you to get started as a Security Champion is to implement multi-factor authentication, or MFA. MFA is one of the strongest security controls available to Salesforce Admins. You’ve probably been hearing this phrase a lot in the Salesforce universe lately because we’re asking all customers to implement MFA.

Learn more about securing your org by watching the Security for Admins: Become a Security Champion episode recording.

5. Use Einstein Activity Capture to save sales reps time

TrailheaDX image featuring two Trailblazers and Codey in their Trailblazer hoodies. Text says “Drive Sales Productivity with AI & Activity Capture.”

If you’re ready to learn some best practices and out-of-the-box features that you can turn on immediately with Sales Cloud Einstein and Einstein Activity Capture, this is your session. See how to help your sales reps operate smarter and faster with Lead & Opportunity Scoring, and Account & Opportunity Insights, so they can close the right opportunities at the right time. Let your sales reps spend more time selling by having Einstein Activity Capture sync their meetings from Outlook or Google right into Salesforce!

Watch the Drive Sales Productivity with AI & Activity Capture episode recording to learn more.

MOAR can’t-miss content

As mentioned earlier, TrailheaDX ’21 featured multiple broadcast channels with amazing, relevant content. Don’t miss all the on-demand content available on the other channels:

You can also watch the recording of the main show on the Admin Channel (video 1 in the playlist) and get more information on the announcements, customers, and demos presented in the Watch at Home Guide.

Want to hear directly from Salesforce execs? Catch our special “Meet the Execs” edition of True to the Core on the Admin Channel (video 7 in the playlist). You’re in for a special Q&A with:

  • Bret Taylor, President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Parker Harris, Co-Founder & CTO
  • Sarah Franklin, President & Chief Marketing Officer
  • David Schmaier, President & Chief Product Officer
  • Srinivas Tallapragada, President & Chief Engineering Officer
  • Lidiane Jones, EVP & CEO, Commerce Cloud
  • Patrick Stokes, EVP & GM, Platform

Image of Salesforce execs answering questions live at the "Meet the Execs" edition of True to the Core at TrailheaDX '21.

If you’re still hungry for more after watching the main show, channel episodes, and True to the Core, don’t miss Expert Rooms, Circles of Success, Certification Prep, and Trailblazer Community Campfires recordings. Take a peek at what you’ll learn in each:

  • Expert Rooms — Check out the latest demos on Salesforce features and dive deeper with other developers, admins, architects, IT leaders, and partners.
  • Circles of Success — Explore these 40-minute on-demand sessions with Salesforce experts and customers to hear all about best practices, common challenges, and product adoption tips.
  • Certification Prep — Deep dive into exam topics with our expert instructors, who will share their knowledge, tips, and best practices, before you take the corresponding Salesforce Certification exam.
  • Trailblazer Community Campfires — Watch and learn from Trailblazer community leaders on how to acquire Salesforce skills, earn resume-worthy credentials, and connect with fellow Trailblazers.

Trailhead Quest

After watching all the awesome on-demand content, round out your entire TrailheaDX ’21 experience by completing the #TDX21 Quest to unlock an exclusive community badge and learn how to enter for a chance to win* a limited-edition T-shirt or a Trailblazer hoodie! *Official Rules apply. Head over to the #TrailheadQuests page for more details.

Whether you’re tuning in to the TrailheaDX ’21 content for the first time or re-watching it for the tenth, we hope you enjoyed this opportunity to learn along with us at TrailheaDX ’21! Don’t forget to share what you enjoyed from this year’s virtual event on social using #AwesomeAdmin and #TDX21. Until next year, TDX! ?


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