Celebrate International Podcast Day with the Salesforce Admins Podcast!


Today is #InternationalPodcastDay! We enjoy every second of creating the Salesforce Admins podcast and to celebrate, we pulled our favorite quotes from popular episodes of the Salesforce Admins Podcast in 2019 to share with you! The guests have amazing advice and insight into the complex world of being a Salesforce Admin.

International Podcast Day is also the perfect day to subscribe and listen to the full episodes from this thread, if you haven’t already!

From the top, down

Our most popular episode is from Salesforce President of Global Customer Success, Brian Millham. It is wonderful to hear executives recognize and appreciate all the things that #AwesomeAdmins do to innovate and scale products for their companies’ success.

Change management for your life

Throughout your career, it is important to embrace mentorship and coaching. Stepping out of your comfort zone to learn new things from a different point of view can spark inspiration inside of you that you never knew you had. With the right coaching, it certainly lead LeAndria Streeter to her happy place of being an #AwesomeAdmin forever & ever!

Remote work and life balance

Skye Tyler has some awesome pointers on how to manage your work-life balance when you’re on a remote or virtual team. Her advice to other remote working admins is to take a step back from your home office to fuel your fire, find another outlet for interpersonal connection, and enjoy that time.


Intelligent reporting

A huge responsibility of being an #AwesomeAdmin is having the Superpower to understand what question you are trying to answer when pulling data for a report, and then how to get that data back in a way that helps you make actionable decisions. Evan Ponter is an expert at finding ways to create a dynamic report.


Designing your career

There are so many tools Admins can use to elevate the experience they have with Salesforce. Lightning App Builder is a key one! Aran Rhee has the answer to what your first steps should look like when learning how to customize your users’ experience.


Thank you for tuning in

We can’t get enough of the all advice that our guests from the @SalesforceAdmns Podcast have for our #AwesomeAdmin listeners! Join the rest of the celebration with us on Twitter to share quotes from your favorite episodes and how they impacted you and your career. We can’t wait to hear the things that resonated with you most, and continue to create helpful content to empower your careers as #AwesomeAdmins!

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