From PDF to Labs App: The Salesforce Optimizer Gets Redefined


As an #AwesomeAdmin, you’re working every day to find creative solutions to make your users happier and your business smarter. But making that happen can be overwhelming and, often, it’s even hard to know where to start.

That’s where Salesforce Optimizer comes in—analyzing your implementation across more than 50 metrics to determine ways you can simplify customizations and drive adoption of features. And, now, it’s better than ever.

In July, the Salesforce Optimizer App (Beta) launched via Salesforce Labs. With the app, you’ll get the same personalized and actionable recommendations you know and love, but in an all-new interactive interface, making it easier for you to drive maintenance, adoption, and productivity.

Instead of running the Optimizer and receiving a static PDF report via email, you’ll now be able to view your results directly within the app experience—spending less time identifying next steps and tracking progress, and more time improving your implementation.

The Salesforce Optimizer App (Beta) is:

  • Always On. See real-time results without manually requesting a report.
  • Trending Now. Track trends around your maintenance progress over time.
  • On Top of To-Dos. Prioritize optimizations by filtering level of effort or status.

Ready to get tailored recommendations on how to streamline your org’s implementation in this all-new interactive interface? Go to the AppExchange listing for Salesforce Optimizer App (Beta) and follow the instructions in the attached installation guide.

Looking ahead, this tool will be generally available as a Lightning App in late 2019. To help us get there, we need your feedback on the Beta version. Send thoughts and feedback through the in-app widget or post in the Salesforce Optimizer Trailblazer Community.

Happy optimizing!

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