Introduction to Salesforce Blockchain for Admins


We are excited to announce Salesforce Blockchain! With Salesforce Blockchain, Admins can create their own trusted apps and networks using point-and-click tools. Salesforce Blockchain will enable Admins to create, secure, and share data from applications across partner networks. This is an exciting new way for Admins to help their organizations build secure networks, automate on the platform, and engage with partners.

What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a new kind of a database that tracks data in a way that is secure, transparent, and traceable. With Blockchain, data is shared with a network of partners, each with a copy of the database. The partners work together to transparently define the rules of the network—things like what constitutes an official change to the data and what the role of each partner on the network is.

Every change is saved onto a blockchain in a way that is easily traceable and visible to anyone who needs to see or act on that data. This setup reduces the chance of errors, increases integrity, and enables real-time visibility to data and how it changes over time.

What is Salesforce Blockchain

Salesforce Blockchain is powered by Lightning so Admins can declaratively build and maintain blockchain apps, networks, and flows that are directly connected to customer records within Salesforce. Partners and third parties can leverage Lightning’s intuitive UX and easily connect to your blockchain app or network — which helps with adoption, one of the most crucial pieces of the blockchain puzzle. And with a declarative experience built on Lightning, every Salesforce Admin can now become a blockchain developer!

Admins will use the Blockchain Builder to configure Blockchain apps on Salesforce. With this point-and-click builder Admins will be able to manage members of the partner network, the app data model, and map blockchain app data to their Salesforce environment.

Blockchain data that is mapped to Salesforce will be represented as External Objects, which means that the data being shared with your blockchain network can also be used with Lightning platform tools like collaboration, analytics, and automation.

Pilot Blockchain Builder with focus on the Details tab.


What This Means for Admins

As you configure your Salesforce Blockchain app, you can decide if partners should be able to publish data to the blockchain, or if they should have read-only access. And outside of Salesforce, based on how you’ve configured access, partners can view data from and publish to their Salesforce Blockchain ledger through APIs.

Admins are constantly learning new tools and skills in order to plan and architect our implementations. Salesforce Blockchain is an opportunity for Admins to revisit disconnected, clunky, and outdated processes that do not center the customer. With Salesforce Blockchain, Admins have the power to build networks and apps using the latest technology standards, here are just a few examples of potential use cases:

  • Buying a house: Blockchain can help simplify the document transfers between the appraiser, inspector, real estate agents, title company, bank, county, buyer, and seller
  • Filing a car insurance claim: Blockchain can help the flow of communications between your insurance company, the other driver’s insurance company, claim’s adjuster, auto body shop, and tow shop
  • Transferring colleges: Blockchain can authenticate course and academic transcripts from high schools, community colleges, and four-year universities making the transfer process for students and schools alike much easier

What To Do Now

Learn more about Blockchain with the resources below:

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