Salesforce Admins World-Wide Are Innovating with Flow


With the new Flow Builder generally available this spring, Admins all over have been getting hands-on and building flows. Flow Builder is a hugely powerful tool that can help both Admins and Developers build solutions on the Salesforce Platform fast! Being able to leverage this tool is just one way Admins amp up their #AwesomeAdmin Superpowers to deliver innovation at their companies.

Be An Innovator with Flow Learning Adventure

Over the last couple of weeks, we asked each and every admin to #BeAnInnovator with Flow by joining us on a special learning adventure to build an automated business process from start to finish. With all the videos now published, you can watch and learn at your own pace, and earn not only a special community badge but also a $20 contribution to The Nature Conservancy when you complete the trailmix by May 31, 2019, 11:59 pm PST.

#AwesomeAdmins Build Flows

We were blown away by all the flows Admins shared as part of #BeAnInnovator. Seeing how others are leveraging or planning to leverage Flow Builder is a great way to learn and further develop flow building skills. With so many great examples right at our fingertips, we just had to share.

Here are some great examples of flows built by fellow Admins:

Chris Harris

Chris created a streamlined process for onboarding new employees. He’s been working on an app called Cloud HR that will soon be available in the AppExchange. As part of the app, he built a flow to streamline the creation of multiple records when a new employee is on-boarded. In his own words: “In the #BeAnInnovator challenge, I decided to tackle a process that I had planned to do in the next release of the App, automation of the “Create New Employee” process. When setting up a new employee there are around 25 related records that can be created, however, two of them are key, holiday allowance and salary. The existing App used a manual process in which the HR Administrator creates an employee, then creates the holiday profile and salary records manually. I wanted to make this process more streamlined and decided that a flow would solve that. I created a series of screens that ask for the key employee, holiday and salary data and then using the built-in actions I create all the records in the background in one go, saving a bunch of steps and time!” Take a look at his Flow Moment on Twitter:

Be An Innovator Challenge Completed! Twitter moment screenshot

Aleks Radovanovic

Aleks built a flow to better manage and streamline partner referrals. Before flows, sales agents had to find and track data in many different places to register a deal with a partner. It was very manual and time-consuming. In her own words, Aleks decided: “In order to streamline the process and help our sales team have better insight into registration deals, I created a custom object that will store all that data and can be easily populated from the flow. The new flow guides sales agents from one screen to another, capturing the data that they would need to register a deal with the partner.

Having an option to use existing fields in my flow ensures consistency (e.g. with picklist values) and emoji added to field labels attracts the sales agent’s attention. The input screen provides a clean, easy, and streamlined way for agents to enter information, decreases room for omitting important data and provides a good, overall user experience for our sales team. After the flow is executed, the record is created, added to the Opportunity Related Lists, and can easily be reported on.” ? Aleks shares her Flow Moment below:

Teresa Amsbaugh

Teresa created a flow to better manage donations of art. There are many steps to receiving an art donation, including having the director decide what will happen with the piece, sending the piece to the gallery for cataloging, storage or sale, recording all the information with the development office, sending appropriate tax forms, etc.

Teresa says that, “these kinds of donations are sporadic and tend to get lost, causing us to rely on staff memory to get the steps completed. I wanted a way to capture the initial donation of artwork and be able to track where they are in the process with appropriate record creation and notifications to the right people at the right time. Flow seems to be a great way to make that happen. I’ve got a lot more work to do on a flow to accomplish all of this, but the #BeAnInnovator Flow series gave a great basis to help me figure out how to get this to actually work.” Scroll through Teresa’s Flow Moment on Twitter:

Building a Flow Twitter moment screenshot

We had a blast building flows as part of the Be An Innovator adventure, and we hope to see many more of you join the learning fun.

Complete the Trailmix & Set Your Next Goal

Complete the trailmix by May 31, 2019, to earn the Be an Innovator community badge and unlock a contribution of $20 to The Nature Conservancy.⛷Hit the trail, finish the trailmix!

We want to know what you will do next to deliver innovation at your company. Share your goals with us on Twitter using #BeAnInnovator!

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