Customer 360 Privacy Center: Manage User Privacy and Archiving, and Build Your Single Source of Truth


To build a single source of truth your business needs to ensure it has these four things: Customers have a single way to log in to apps, there is a single identity internally to connect and manage customer data, companies have a B2C scale data lake for all data, and there is a way to manage customer privacy and compliance. As of October 2020, Salesforce offers capabilities in all four components in an admin-friendly declarative way to manage a single source of truth: Customer 360 Truth. Let’s dive into one of the newest products of Customer 360 Truth — Customer 360 Privacy Center — that went GA on October 20, 2020.

As more businesses face a need to update their customer data management to address privacy concerns, admins need easy-to-use tools to address these needs. With Customer 360 Privacy Center, you can take control of your company’s privacy management.

What is Customer 360 Privacy Center?

Customer 360 Privacy Center makes it easy for your organization to comply with legal regulations, allowing you to access, de-identify, delete, or enable portability of data on request. It also helps you take control of your data, allowing you to eliminate data that no longer serves a business purpose from production orgs and move unused data to an archive.

What does this mean for Salesforce Administrators?

Customers have sensitive, critical, non-business-useful data in their production orgs. This data poses a risk from a customer trust perspective and makes customers subject to privacy laws and other regulations. This could potentially include regulatory fines of up to 4% of annual global revenues or $20 million, whichever is greater.

Businesses struggle to rapidly deliver data privacy solutions that meet regulatory requirements as well as customer expectations of how their information is used and stored.

How does this impact my Salesforce environment?

  • Protect your data from breaches due to operator error/phishing by moving unused data from your production org to an archive with more restricted access.
  • Reduce cost to serve by eliminating data from production org and reducing storage costs.
  • Improve performance by eliminating data that is no longer useful.
  • Comply with data and privacy regulations that require elimination of data once it no longer serves a business purpose.

What can admins do with it right now?

Customer 360 Privacy Center is GA now, and it launched with a robust set of features — with many more on the roadmap. Here’s what you can expect from using Privacy Center right now:

Data Privacy Law Compliance — Manage components of data privacy law and industry regulation more easily. Use different features to comply with privacy laws like GDPR, and fulfill customer requests on how their personally identifiable information (PII) is stored, deleted, and transferred.

data privacy law compliance in the customer 360 truth privacy center

Data Retention — Create policies to manage how long customer data is kept in your org with this feature. Satisfy your customers’ right to be forgotten and data retention requests by creating policies that delete or make data anonymous at record or field levels. Use this feature to retain data, replace data with random characters or mock data, or delete data from your org.

data rentention capabilities in the Customer 360 privacy center

Data Subject Rights — Use this feature to automate how data is made anonymous or deleted from your org, and to compile and securely transfer all PII from your org to your customer. Your customers have the right to access, obtain, and transfer, or port, their PII in your org. The data portability feature includes a policy creator that identifies and compiles where a customer’s PII exists. Then, you use an API to generate PII files and securely share the data with your customer. You can also create a portability metadata log to monitor the progress or history of a customer’s past and ongoing requests.

data subject rights feature in the customer 360 privacy center

So there you have it: Customer 360 Privacy Center, a new suite of easy-to-use tools that enables you to take control of your privacy management. Dive into the Portability Policy, Retention Policy, Right to be Forgotten Policy, and Consent Event Stream AND find links to resources and trails in the right-hand column of the app.

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