Leverage Einstein Search to Increase Productivity: Trailhead Live Recap


During our latest Trailhead Live Session, Ayori Selassie, Product Marketing Manager for Einstein Search, walks Salesforce Admins through how to leverage Einstein Search to increase productivity. 

Take a look at the recording:

In the session, Ayori answers three key questions: 

  1. What is Einstein Search?
  2. How do I turn on Einstein Search?
  3. How can I customize the search experience for my users? 

What is Einstein Search?

Today, we’re used to using Artificial Intelligence (AI) all across our daily lives. Consumers are familiar with using search for everything, but search is difficult in an enterprise environment. In enterprise environments, there are many different departments leveraging search to find information and fulfill various needs. For example, sales users search for terms, and service users may use those same terms but expect to find different results. Because different user groups have different goals, it is necessary to have a system that recognizes what users are looking for.  

Einstein Search brings the incredible power of intelligent search to CRM by making it personal, natural, and actionable.  We’ve added additional capabilities on top of our global search in order to empower every single user with AI-powered search. When you turn on Einstein Search, it transforms the experience to make your search results more personal. Search results are tailored to what matters at your company and how you work as an individual.  For example, if you’re a service agent looking for records in your region, you’ll see results that are relevant to you.

One great feature of Einstein Search is that it is actionable. Ayori says, “I can remember so many times where I really wanted to get to a specific record, but in order to find it, I had to start with the account and drill down to the related list.” With Einstein Search, we’ve transformed that experience to display relevant information for every user, but also serve up customizable actions within the search results. 

How do I turn on Einstein Search?

There are two steps you need to take to turn on Einstein Search.

Step 1: Go to the Setup page and type Einstein Search. Click Search Settings and check “All users get personalized search results.” Click Save

Step 2: Add Einstein Search to the desired permission set to roll it out to all or selected users. 

How can I customize the search experience for my users? 

Customizing the search experience for your users helps them find the information they need, faster. You can define the search layout for your org globally or at the object level. In the recording, you can watch Ayori customize the search experience for her users.

Are you ready to get started? Admins can leverage the power of Einstein Search today! 

Check out the slides and full recording of this Trailhead Live session.


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