How Salesforce Einstein Is Supercharging Mobile Experiences.

How Salesforce Einstein Is Supercharging Mobile Experiences


While its impact is widespread, one of the most exciting aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) is its ability to create conversational interactions that generate personalized experiences, supercharging productivity and efficiency. In this blog post, we’ll explore how the implementation of large language models on mobile devices is reshaping the enterprise mobile landscape and how Salesforce Einstein on mobile is leading this charge.

Elevating mobile productivity

The integration of AI-powered language models into mobile devices elevates mobile productivity to unprecedented levels. Here’s how:

  1. Privacy and security: By processing data locally on the device, user information and interactions remain within the device, reducing the risk of data breaches and privacy concerns. This is especially crucial for applications that handle sensitive or personal data.
  2. Low latency / Performance: Local processing reduces the need for data transfer to external servers, resulting in lower latency and faster response times. This is essential for real-time applications and ensures a smoother user experience (UX).
  3. Offline access: Mobile devices often operate in environments with limited or no internet connectivity. Large language models can function offline, allowing users to access and use applications regardless of their internet connection status, providing continuous service.
  4. Data residency / Compliance: Certain industries and regions have strict data residency and compliance requirements. Processing data locally on mobile devices can help meet these requirements by keeping data within specific geographic boundaries, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Overall, implementing large language models on mobile devices enhances privacy, performance, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and compliance, making it a valuable choice for a wide range of applications.

The all-new Salesforce Mobile App powered by Einstein

We’re building a new UX for Salesforce on mobile that simplifies UX functions and makes Salesforce conversational. Utilizing the power of generative AI and the Einstein 1 Platform, the new UX allows users to engage with Salesforce core functionality by executing through the AI UX.

Einstein on Mobile, powered by Prompt Builder, is a game-changer for your mobile workforce, supercharging productivity in several key ways. First and foremost, it serves as the gateway to generative AI models, granting access to cutting-edge AI with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for extensive coding or technical expertise. This simplification ensures that businesses can leverage AI’s power more effectively and efficiently.

Prompt Builder interface on desktop showing inputs and generated response.Einstein on Mobile also optimizes the end-user experience by automatically seeding initial prompts, reducing complex tasks to a one-click experience. This seamless interaction enhances efficiency and user satisfaction.

Case summary generated on mobile interface.

Moreover, this innovation unlocks new business functions by enabling high-quality data entry in a matter of seconds on mobile devices, eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone manual data input. Einstein on Mobile, powered by Prompt Builder, is a transformational tool that empowers your mobile workforce to reach new heights of productivity and efficiency

Dynamic Forms on Mobile

Salesforce continues to set the standard for mobile app customization with its latest feature: Dynamic Forms on Mobile. This exciting addition turbocharges user experiences through Lightning App Builder in three significant ways. First, it introduces granular customization on a record page, allowing admins to streamline their record experience from a single page layout. Second, admins can set field and component visibility conditions to tailor the records experience to display the right information at the right time for the right user. And third, Dynamic Forms on Mobile gives admins unprecedented control over the app’s layout and empowers admins to create more personalized and intelligent experiences for their users.

Dynamic Forms on Mobile enabled from Setup menu on desktop.

Editing a record page using Lightning App Builder on desktop.

And many other new features are enabled in the Salesforce Mobile App section of Setup via an easy, on-click enablement. Now, admins can easily access documentation alongside the enablement settings, making it a one-stop solution for streamlining the Salesforce mobile app configuration.

The future of mobile is AI: A look ahead into the Salesforce mobile app

As the future of enterprise mobility unfolds, imagine the possibilities! In Winter ’24, Prompt Builder will be taking its maiden flight on Mobile, and come Spring, it will soar to new heights as it goes General Availability (GA). But that’s not all—introducing Einstein Copilot, the crown jewel of the Salesforce ecosystem, a dependable and seamlessly integrated conversational AI assistant. It’s the companion every CRM admin dreams of, boosting user productivity by providing real-time support right within their workflow. With the power of Einstein Copilot, your team can now communicate in everyday language, tapping into the wealth of wisdom from Salesforce Data Cloud’s secure proprietary data.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Einstein Copilot proactively empowers your decisions, offering insights and recommendations like a trusted friend, guiding you toward success. And the best part? Einstein Copilot will be right there on your mobile device, ready to assist you wherever your journey takes you.

So, why wait? Let’s embark on this AI-powered adventure together. Start preparing your organization for the incredible future of enterprise mobility with this enlightening trail on Trailhead: Get Started with Prompts and Prompt Builder. The future is bright, and it’s waiting for you to seize it!

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