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Security Center: A Single View Into Your Security Controls Across All Your Orgs


In a world with heightened security awareness and digital risks at every corner, Security Center makes it easier than ever to truly understand your Salesforce security posture. With native support for both single and multi-org environments, Security Center provides a single-pane view of the security configuration and controls in place across your entire Salesforce implementation.

What is Security Center?

Security Center helps you manage all of your security controls across multiple orgs in one place, so you can gain visibility into key security metrics across all orgs. This data can be used to help drive critical business decisions as well as respond to threats and anomalies faster, delivering value through trust.

Security Center is a product designed to make security easy, regardless of the complexity of your Salesforce implementation. Whether you have a single Salesforce org or 50, Security Center simplifies security by allowing you to view (and, in subsequent versions, manage) your security posture across your entire Salesforce environment from one location.

What Does This Mean for Me?

Admins and security teams will have a clear view of their security posture across all of the Salesforce orgs enrolled in Security Center. This enables you to quickly understand potential problem areas and drill down into the details to understand exactly what is happening and why. Security Center provides visibility into several key areas of your Salesforce orgs, such as:

Permissions: Security Center allows you to understand how, when, and where potentially sensitive permissions are assigned to users. You can see when a user gains or loses a permission, as well as the specific profile or permission set that gave them the permission. For example, you might notice that 10 users newly gained the Modify All Data permission and want to know more about how this happened. Security Center allows you to quickly and easily see exactly when and how those users gained the permission.

Authentication: You may have requirements for how users authenticate into your Salesforce orgs. Perhaps you want to require users to either use Single Sign-On (SSO) or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). With Security Center, you’re able to see, at a glance, a breakdown of how users authenticate in order to quickly identify potential trouble spots. For example, if you notice a percentage of logins occurring with just a username and password, you can enter the detail view to see exactly which users are configured incorrectly, as well as what org they belong to. Once you’ve identified these users, you can take corrective action.

Configuration: You might also want to better understand the configuration of your orgs as it pertains to security. For example, you may want to know what packages are installed across your orgs and be able to see when new ones get installed. Security Center automatically tracks what packages are installed and removed while maintaining an inventory of installed packages. Connected Apps are also tracked, as is the Security Health Check report for each org. Security Center also tracks things like users who do not have MFA enabled, and users who have never logged in or have been inactive for the last 90 days. Tracking these types of configurations allows you to gain insight into the overall security posture of your Salesforce orgs, as well as identify users who may no longer need access.

How Does Security Center Impact My Salesforce Environment?

Security Center makes understanding your security configuration across your entire Salesforce environment much simpler. By connecting your various Salesforce orgs (including Sandbox orgs!) to a central org running Security Center, you’ll have unparalleled visibility into your security posture. Bringing key security metrics from all of your orgs into a single interface significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to truly understand your overall security posture, allowing you to better focus your time and energy on other tasks and make informed and effective changes.

How Do Admins Work With Security Center?

Security Center is an app that runs inside a Salesforce org. To get started, you’ll want to contact your Account Team. Then, Once an org is licensed for Security Center, all you need are the appropriate permissions and you can launch the app from the app switcher. Connecting additional licensed orgs to Security Center is a simple process that, in most cases, takes under a minute to accomplish.


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