Remove Security Risks from Your Org With a User Audit


The right level of user access is critical to security, and as an #AwesomeAdmin, you play a key role in strengthening the security of your org. With many of us working from home these days, hackers are increasing their efforts with phishing attacks targeting user credentials. The cybersecurity threat landscape is always evolving to include more sophisticated methods of targeting data. We know that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your Salesforce data is vital to you and your businesses. Increasing your own cybersecurity knowledge allows you to play a role in safeguarding your company’s data and helping your company meet security compliance requirements.

One of the ways you can increase the security of your org and reduce security risk is to perform a user audit and adjusting user privileges where necessary. Regularly performing a user audit is a great way to clean up excessive user permissions and ensure you are following the principle of least privilege. The principle of least privilege advises that when evaluating user permissions, you should provide users with the minimum amount of access needed to do their job, and no additional privileges.

Tune in to the new Trailhead LIVE Admin Best Practices Episode with experts LeeAnne Rimel and Kelly Walker to learn how to use Salesforce Optimizer to conduct a user audit and reduce security risk today.

In this episode, we walk through:

  • User security basics
  • How to get a quick security boost with a user audit
  • Demo: Use Optimizer to run a Security Audit
  • How to manage security changes within your company
  • User audit resources for #AwesomeAdmins

Watch the full Trailhead LIVE episode below.

Use Optimizer to run a Security Audit

Did you know that with just a few clicks you can run a user audit in your Salesforce environment? Follow along as LeeAnne Rimel runs through a User Audit checklist using Salesforce Optimizer.

Looking for more resources to remove security risks from your Salesforce org with a user audit?




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