Build and Secure Low-Code Apps on Trailhead LIVE with Marissa Alonso and Prag Ravichandran Kamalaveni.

Watch and Learn How to Build and Secure Low-Code Apps


As #AwesomeAdmins, you can help deliver the experiences your employees and customers need (and fast!) using low-code tools.

Tune in to the new Trailhead LIVE Admin Best Practices episode with LeeAnne Rimel and Claudia Robinson featuring Trailblazers Marissa Alonso and Prag Ravichandran Kamalaveni to learn how you can start building and securing low-code apps today!

This episode features:

  • A demo introducing App Builder
  • How to make pages dynamic and build and improve your pages
  • How Marissa Alonso created flexible pages with App Builder: Dynamic Forms and Actions
  • A demo introducing Event Monitoring
  • How Prag Ravichandran Kamalaveni used Event Monitoring to monitor, prevent, and mitigate threats
  • More tips to build and secure low-code apps!

  • Looking for more resources to build and secure low-code apps?

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